Bigfoot: The Spectrum of the Sasquatch


Like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot is seen in many different areas of the world. As you look at the paranormal creatures of each continent, it has become apparent that there is some overlap in major creature types. There are some major creature types that repeat in multiple cultures, societies, and eras. This would be …

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Studying the Paranormal the Right Way


You know there are many ways to explore the occult. You’re studying aliens, Bigfoot, portals, and even the controversial haunted places. The way of conducting occult study still eludes you. With so many different links, opiniated books, and a multitude of artifacts, you wonder what is truly real? Who has it right? Well, to get …

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Paranormal History Made Easy

paranormal history

You’ve done some paranormal research in your time. You wonder how so much information you can be learn and understand. Where does the paranormal end and the conspiracy begin? History itself is vast and it contains more questions than answers. Paranormal history has many theories. Unless there is culture that connects an artifact or story, …

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