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From here, there are 4 series on Paranormal Duck. They are divination, mystical creatures, ghost hunting, and news. Of course, ghosts get their own series because of how popular the topic is. Divination is all about different ways to conduct fortune telling, practices, and tests. Mystical creatures are the paranormal creatures of old and new. Additionally, the news section is an update on the happenings of the day and any fancy world days or holidays associated with the paranormal.

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All ranges of divination, some linking with meditation. Of course, there are some that had to be tried for their own validation. Here is an array of what you might want to try out.

Mystical Creatures

A series on the paranormal creature that we all know and love. Certainly, there is no end to what lurks in the shadows, the skies, or your backyard.

Ghost Hunting

Whether you are at home or at a location, the basics of ghost hunting is always needed. Additionally, doing the hunt justice and legally.


A category of local and worldwide paranormal news for those interested in learning about current events. Above all, you can also find new at the top of every page in the menu.

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