Weird Paranormal Creatures of North America

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The Nessie of Montana

               North of Polson, Montana lies a massive lake called Flathead Lake. It is a long body of water of about 200 square miles, a depth of 386 feet at the deepest. This type of the paranormal creatures of North America looks unassuming, inviting, and carries a summer camp vibe. This lake is the home to the infamous Flathead Monster. It is called a serpent, a whale, and a massive fish. Videos, news stories, and books have been produced from this monster and all its sightings. Paul Fugleberg wrote such a book in 1992, named Montana Nessie of Flathead Lake.

In this book, he recounts a few tales of the creature.

Flathead Lake Monster from Montana Outdoor Radio Show, paranormal creatures of north america
Flathead Lake Monster from Montana Outdoor Radio Show

Captain James Kerr on the U.S. Grant thought he saw another boat floating in the waters in 1889. As he got closer, he stated that it looked like a whale-shaped object. Whales do not live in Flathead Lake. Whilst looking at the object, a passenger shot off a round from a rifle at the object before it disappeared. In 1922, 3 families were moving furniture across the lake from west to east. Now, before you ask, “Why not just go around the lake? Cars existed in 1920.” I thought this too before seeing the geography of the lake. It would have been much quicker to just go across than around.

It didn’t work out.

Unfortunately, their cargo sank around Angel’s Point, near Lakeside, almost to the finish line. It took months to gather what they could from the sinkage, but one day, something caught their eye. Was it Grandma’s couch? A dresser? That one table they didn’t want to find so they could get a new one? It appeared to be a 15-foot-long log. At one point, it was seen flipping its tail and disappearing.

NBC Montana states that there are over 109 documented accounts of the beast. It was published in 2017, so there are surely more accounts that have been added and more to come.

The Mysterious Bigfoot

You and I both know this guy was going to be on this list, because he is always on unexplained paranormal listings. There are thousands of documentations about Bigfoot, ranging from the Rocky Mountains of Canada to the, well, Rocky Mountains of the United States. Bigfoot has such a grand audience that it has shown searching for him, movies of all kinds creating him as a monster and a friend, and scientific papers published with his findings.

From Bigfoot Patterson-Gimlin film, frame 352 , paranormal creatures of north america
From Bigfoot Patterson-Gimlin film, frame 352

               Bigfoot is a creature that is massive, woolly, and enigmatic. There have been discussions on him having a family, a tribe, and a language system. There are photos, videos, and first-hand accounts of the beast. The species has been called Yeti and Sasquatch. The Bigfoot trend in the United States was first started in 1958, according to History. It was already a big hit in Canada, which started around the 1920’s.

It may have started well before published record, though. The Relict Hominid Inquiry states in a 2012 research article called Mayak Datat: The Hairy Man Pictographs, stated that Bigfoot could have been recorded on a wall some 1,500 years ago. This rabbit hole of information is one that makes the paranormal life more likely to exist, just hiding.

Of course, it’s in Florida

Although creatures of the paranormal seem to have some bizarre fuzzy picture and a variety of scares and theories, this one did exist in theory and, yes, there is a picture. It was 1896, a time of fun in the sun for Anastasia Island, Florida. Strange creatures were popping up left and right from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

St. Augustine Monster from Smithsonian Archive, paranormal creatures of north america
St. Augustine Monster from Smithsonian Archive

The mysterious blob in St. Augustine was no different. It was roughly 20-25 feet long, 7-10 feet wide, and possibly weighed a whopping 7 tons. They turned it over to Dr. DeWitt Webb, the president of St. Augustine Historical Society at the time. His theory stated that it was a giant octopus, an animal that we still, to this day, have issues with finding.  

Unfortunately, Dr. Webb’s findings would draw inconclusive as in 2004, it was discovered to be whale blubber and nothing more according to JSTOR. The many ideas that it could have been a giant octopus led others to search for the massive creatures. They are typically a result of the Globster phenomenon, which essentially is a boneless mass of a creature that is washed up on the shoreline. It sadly has not confirmed any paranormal creatures just yet.

Dragon in Lake Ontario

               You read it right, a dragon. The Gaasyendietha (say that three times fast) is a serpent dragon living in the depths of Lake Ontario. This lake is home to large sturgeons and filters water coming through the Great Lakes in Michigan. The year is 1805. Fisherman were on Lake Ontario, fishing on a nice day, when they see a strange shape on the water. Fearing it was an overturned boat, they come to aid the possible passengers of the capsizing. When they got to the craft, they noticed that it was looking at them. It was a massive creature, looking like a snake. It was at least 45 meters long and about 4 feet wide.

The men got back to shore, the creature chasing them from behind. The dragon serpent apparently breathes fire and can catch the lake on fire. It is also said to have come from a meteor and can fly, either on a meteor or on fire. Either way, this dragon can do it all. It typically lives in lakes and has only been seen a handful of times. In 1882, it was reported to be seen again, but this may also be the Kingstie, another serpent known to be in the lake. Kingston, Ontario is all about the swimming serpents.

               Unsurprisingly, there are no photos of this one.

And many more paranormal creatures of North America.

               There are thousands of different creatures out there that North America has turned into folklore, stories, conspiracies… you name it, it has a background. This is the snowflake on the highest point of the iceberg. While these creatures aren’t exactly scary (well, maybe the large fire salamander), they show that humanity will create paranormal culture out of the most bizarre findings and I’m all for it. It gives me a reason to make a blog about them. In the future, you’ll find a deeper dive into cultures and their reasons for plunging into the paranormal world that sits in their backyard. 

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