Weird Paranormal Creatures of Australia

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Everyone knows that Australia is the one continent that no one wants to battle. The spiders, snakes, kangaroos, and emus are not ones to be toiled with. Their animals are violent, their fires, even more so. The continent itself is beautiful and it carries many great architectural feats. But you are not here for Australian history. You’re here for what lurks in the shadows, paranormal creatures of Australia.

Now, if you are expecting the Tasmanian Tiger on this list, you are mistaken. This animal was very real and is now extinct. It does not carry paranormal vibes, just really sad ones as it is now gone. We will start with the ones similar to other continents.

The Hawkesbury River Monster

There is always a Nessie, a creature floating in a body of water resembling a dinosaur of sorts. In NSW, New South Wales, which includes Sydney, this creature is a phenomenon, much like the North American Bigfoot. Looking into the creature on the internet, there is one photo that is possibly of the Nessie cousin.

The creature may have been a part of the Australian culture for longer than Nessie has in Scotland, possibly dating back thousands of years ago. Known as the ‘Mirreeulla‘, drawings depicted of a plesiosaur floating around in the same river by the Dharuk people.

There is no real timeline of when this was, but they are older than colonial times, possibly to the thousands of years ago mark. The paranormal creatures of Australia do not enjoy their picture taken.

In recent times, a man named Rex Gilroy is a researcher on the creature, stating that he saw the monster in 1965. He continues to search for it.

Yowie, Australia’s Bigfoot

Bigfoot has many names and Yowie is one of them. Being as tall, if not taller, than Bigfoot, these creatures are 3 meters tall, or nearly 10 feet tall. Much like Bigfoot, there is no solid evidence that these creatures exist.

Like most of the paranormal in Australia, this concept of the frightening monster came from the Aboriginals. It lives in the Outback, so you know it has the land to roam with very little visitors. It is older than Bigfoot in sightings, the first in 1790 in Sydney.

Yowie in Australia by Wolfgang Eckert 
Yowie by Wolfgang Eckert 

The Yowie is seen in many depictions, even today, as people still hunt for it. Dean Harrison, a Yowie enthusiast, states that he has pictures via heat signatures of the beast. The image shows a creature about 9 feet tall and hiding in the woods.

And now that we got the usual creatures out of the way, let’s dive into Australia’s finest.


The Bunyip looks like something I would pull out of my shower drain, as it has an assortment of descriptions. It is an amalgamation of 7 different animals, putting the platypus to shame. No one can agree on the description, but they do agree on its size.

What I’m thinking is that this creature either has an insane system in terms of aging or is a shapeshifter. It came from the Aboriginal folk as well and all cultures carry the same name for the monster.

Bunyip in Australia from Wikipedia, Public Domain
Bunyip from Wikipedia, Public Domain

It mostly lurks in the water but can be seen slithering on land. It can roar apparently, giving Christopher Nolan a run for his money. Speaking of which, time for a rewatch of Inception.

Like the mermaid, this creature’s origins may have come from manatees or seals being noticed on shorelines. It is both evil and a justice-doer, so think of it more like an Aqua-Batman. Furthermore, it can also hypnotize people and alter the water level. It like to hug its victims to death. See? Amalgamation.

Drop Bear

With all the memes on this one, I can’t help but laugh at it. This one has a fun backstory and, yes, it is completely false in addition to being just a joke. For this paranormal creature, it is what it says it is. It is a bear that drops on you, from above. It is really a koala, which are terrifying on their own, no matter how much I want to cuddle one.

koala from australia
Koala by SilviaP_Design

Drop Bears are much bigger, though, roughly the size of you guessed it, a bear. They are in the forests of southeastern Australia. Their origin is unknown, but I’m going to go ahead and gesture broadly to the internet, even though these furry dive bombs have been spoken of since the 1970s.

So really, who knows what is in the forests of Australia. If they have toilet spiders and bed snakes, why not drop bears? The paranormal creatures of Australia know no bounds.

The Moha-Moha

It’s not Australia without a serpent. Well, a sort of serpent. Living in the Great Barrier Reef the Moha-Moha Is like if a turtle and a snake had an estranged lovechild. It was first seen near Sandy Lake in 1890 by a schoolteacher, Selina Lovell along with some others.

Apparently, this creature was 30 feet long, with a Nessie neck, in addition to a shell and a 12-foot-long tail. Without its shell hump, it appears as a snake floating in the water. Another one of its apparent kind wouldn’t be found until 1964, by a fishing group, led by Jacob Lack.

This one could easily be noted as another Loch Ness Monster sighting, but since it can appear as a snake as well and isn’t connected to a floating dinosaur, it does not get a match. At this point, the paranormal creatures of Australia will have their own categories.

Australia has some monstrous creatures in it already.

The paranormal creatures of Australia have nothing compared to the real creatures. The spiders alone will send shivers up your spine as they can fly, eat marsupials, and can fall from the sky. I’d take the Bunyip over that. Just, no thank you. Their snakes are even worse, as there are over 170 species of them chilling on the continent, many which are venomous, and a dozen that can straight up kill you.

They even lost a war with emus. You just aren’t safe in Australia, no matter where you go. Even their shapeshifters are frightening, as the Dingo is one of many stories from Warrigal community. Like with Norway’s haunted places, I have nothing else to say about Australia, except if you go there, be prepared.

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