Weird Paranormal Creatures of Asia

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If you thought the other continents were full of monsters, wait until you take a look at the paranormal creatures of Asia. From Russia to Indonesia, there are more than enough of the supernatural to discuss. While many other posts speak about China and Japan, this one will be more about the lesser looked at countries. After all, there is still the look out for the Loch Ness Doppelganger in this continent.


They are everywhere in the Middle East and come in a variety of types. Also known as a jinn, these creatures have many sub-types and varieties. According to many sources, they are shapeshifters. This may skew their creature type as shapeshifters are seen all over the world. For example, a Korean shapeshifter called the Gumiho transforms into a fox or woman who might eat their lovers’ hearts. There is also the Aswangs in the Philippines, who are shapeshifting evil spirits.

The lamp is just one object that a genie could be in., paranormal creatures of asia
The lamp is just one object that a genie could be in.

They appear in older text like One Thousand and One Nights, which dates back to the 9th century. The jinn also appear in the Qur’an, which is a few hundred years older. They may or may not grant wishes, as media believes, and may or may not be correlated with the 4 major elements.

Baba Yaga

Although she appears in all Slavic folklore, the Baba Yaga is one of Russia’s most notable creatures. She is a witch of types who is quite the loner, minus her knights. There is a full story of the Baba Yaga and her good deeds. In reality, Baba Yaga isn’t all evil, but more of a chaotic neutral.

Ivan Bilibin, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons, paranormal creatures of asia, baba yaga
Ivan Bilibin, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

She is one paranormal creature that you could easily understand and also really hate. She has other creatures with her in the woods, like Leshy and Vodyanoy, two male creatures who live in the woods. Her story is one that scares those into being good and kind.


If you have ever seen The Ring, you’ll know that there is a paranormal creature behind it. This creature is that of a wrathful ghost in Japan. Like most of these ghost types, they are out there for revenge, something that is seen with some African ghosts. This creature has been around since about the same time as the jinn, although it is possible that both are older than the documents.

onryo, paranormal creatures of asia
Any and many types of emotions.

These creatures enjoy watching those suffer rather than killing them, which is understandable considering they want revenge. This revenge can be from any powerful feeling, such as hate or jealousy. It isn’t far off from the movies, albeit with a bit more meaning.


There are dragons all over Asia and it is wondered if dragons didn’t actually exist. I mean, there are dragon myths all over the world, but Asia really takes it to the next level. From the Anzu in Sumerian mythology to the Zhejiang Province in China, there are dragons all over. China does take the snake-like cake with dragons with their many types.

Dragon, Image by Yung-pin Pao from Pixabay

Even Russia has a dragon called the Zmey Gorynych, who may have some ties with the Hydra. India has a dragon called the Vritra, who may also be a demon. Persia even had a dragon, called the Azhi Dahaka, another possible demon, who was considered immortal in the myth, and therefore was captured inside of a mountain.

The Loch Ness twin

Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing it as you thought as the Loch Ness in China was discovered to be just a piece of trash. But, thanks to Russia, there may be a Loch Ness type creature in the frozen tundra. Russia is full of the mythological and paranormal, so it would have been obvious to find a mysterious dinosaur there. Located in the Labynkyr region, closer to the eastern side of Russia, this monster hunts wildlife, and lives in a lake.

It is called a demon, devil, and monster. Other creatures in lakes in Russia could also be considered for the role, but they seem to take on a more snake-dragon role than Loch Ness. Although, the Siberian creature, Chany, seems to look much like the Scottish version.

The paranormal creatures of Asia are vast and very similar

If you are looking for a creature type in one country of Asia, there is a very good chance you’ll find a version of it in other regions. Most of them seem to come from a base of serpent, demon, or shapeshifter. There are some notable ones, such as the Chinese Pixiu, a lion who can fly and bring you gold, or the Tulpar from Kazakhstan, who is cousins to the Pegasus and resembles hunting.

These notable creatures are different from the typical creatures that I found because they don’t stem from the other 3 base paranormal creatures. It is fascinating to see that these creatures all have some sort of similar origin, no matter how different their culture or country upbringing is.

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