Weird Paranormal Creatures of Africa

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Where is nothing more diverse than looking into the paranormal creatures of Africa. If you think I’m not going to list them all, you’re correct. There are hundreds of different creatures in the continent, and some will be added to my YouTube list. For this list, the few notable mentions are just scratching the surface of how many paranormal creatures are in Africa. Some I have spoken about before, like the Adze, and will not be featured on this list.

Africa itself is incredibly diverse, from South Africa to Egypt, from Senegal to Somalia. The continent itself just has so much to offer in terms of the paranormal. Some countries fear the paranormal while others just avoid it. Some hug it and welcome it in for afternoon tea.

Now, some of these have some unknown backgrounds, so what is known is what you’ll see. It is very much subject to change.


Every continent has their snake and the Grootslang falls right in with the others. Well, it and its elephant head. It was originally found in the Richtersveld cave in South Africa. The Grootslang is supposedly around 40 feet long and 3 feet wide, making it about the size of the Titanboa in South America. It is said to really be either a very large python or crocodile. It does literally mean ‘great snake’ in Afrikaans.

paranormal creatures of africa grootslang
Grootslang, image by Victor Maristane

As the story goes, this super snake is as old as the Earth itself. It was made by the gods (which gods is unknown) and they realized that was a bad idea. So, they cut up the snake to make the first snakes and elephants. Apparently, there were more than 1 of these creatures and a lonely Grootslang escaped. Or possibly, a version of it. The creature then multiplied itself from there. It is said to eat elephants.

It is unknown how old this creature is, but other artifacts found in the surrounding caves were said to be about 25,000 years old, so this creature could have had an early existence.


This creature is a short, goblin-type monster that is also a night owl who wails its sorrows. Its home is in the woods and owns a small mat. If someone were to take the mat, they would become richer than ever. There is also a tale where the Egbere is a fairy and will follow you if you take the mat and cry. Now I feel bad for the poor thing.

A goblin-type creature, the egbere
A goblin-type creature

It has been also called a malevolent spirit and a goblin. As much as there is calling it something, the story of how it started isn’t. There isn’t much information on this paranormal creature, including their origin story or date of being known. It is stated that it is the Yoruba people’s version of the leprechaun.


There really is a Loch Ness monster on every continent. Located in Lake Victoria near Uganda, the lukwata is said to be a snake, a fish, and a demon. It can grow up to 30 feet long and have a 4-foot-long neck. Like the original Nessie, it swims with its head out of the water. Like the Nessie of Montana, it doesn’t approve of boats and will sink them.

Lukwata, from A Book of Creatures
Lukwata, from A Book of Creatures

It can roar and cause whirlpools. This may be the coolest of the dino-esque lake monsters. The first sighting of the lukwata was in the early 1900’s by W. Grant. It was seen many times until 1959 in Kenya, seen by T.E. Cox and his wife. Of course, this creature could be any number of freshwater faunae in the lakes, including turtles and large retiles.

Crinoida Dajeeana

Located in Madagascar, there is a man-eating tree that was thought to exist. I can believe this since I live in the one natural habitat of the Pitcher Plant and Venus Flytrap. This tree in Madagascar was reported first in the 1800’s. It didn’t have a published account until 1874 in the New York World.

It is said that the Mkodo tribe sacrificed people to the tree. The trees movements sounded much like something you would see from Little Shop of Horrors. It even spouted out blood from the victim afterwards in the story. Luckily, this was all debunked, but the question does remain of how this story came into existence. Is there a meat-eating plant in Madagascar?

NYW article on man eating plant
NYW article

You bet your sweet bone marrow there is. Madagascar is home to a species of the Pitcher Plant, the Nepenthes madagascariensis. There are really 2, but they are very similar. This plant is much older than the story of the Mkodo tribe, being sighted in 1658. The plant itself was stated to be 3 feet tall with 7-inch-tall pitchers for the flowers. Pretty good size for a meat-eating plant.


Back to South Africa, there is a myth of the Khoikhoi people of this paranormal monster. They were large, very long armed apes with long fangs. They may hide in sand dunes and is said to eat anything from humans to zebras.

Aigamuxa from Cryptid Wiki
Aigamuxa from Cryptid Wiki

Like Legolas from Lord of the Rings, they can put their ear to the ground to see what was going on. Unlike Legolas, that is only way they could get around. You see, they had eyes on their feet, which seems very inconvenient. It seems the best way to run from this one is to have to stealth and cardio.

The paranormal creatures of Africa are terrifying and vast

While this touches many places in Africa, it does not cover what else is out there. Many records come from visitors and other countries. You’ll see this with Pliny the Elder as he even wrote about the Ethiopian Pegasus, but without much context. Thanks, Pliny.

Explore for yourself and what you might find is that the African continent is not seen on the paranormal in many locations. Furthermore, their creatures are terrifying, written about or scribbled on a cave wall.

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