Vehicle Haunts Should be the New Obsession

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So, I bought a new car. Well, it’s a 2012 Subaru Forester, but it is new to me. I’ve never owned a Subaru before, and I fell in love with its moon roof at first sight. My only day off has been spent trading in and buying. I’m tired, but not tired enough to post a super late posting! I wondered how many haunted vehicles exist. Are vehicle haunts common? Is my car haunted? When was the last oil change? How in the ever-loving expletive do you open the gas cap thing?

2012 subaru forester, pertaining to vehicle haunts
My new monthly payment. I kid, I love this car.

Many of the haunted vehicles were, at some point, part of a murder. This is a tell-tale that murder equals haunted. You cannot get away from being instantly gone and haunts. For whatever reason, these people haunt their own personal possessions. Anyways, here are some haunted cars.


I decided just to search these by just getting a basic car type and seeing if any haunts exist. This is mostly because most of the main cars have been typed about to death. We need some small-town Christine, not James Dean’s Porsche.

This haunt is that of a Ford Transit. The owner ended up scrapping it as he stated it was haunted. Apparently, he was already being haunted, but I guess the ghosts were missing his during the day, so they just went to the van.

Volkswagen van, pertaining to vehicle haunts
Volkswagen Van

While this is a little bit wholesome for the demon ghosts, it was not fun for the owner. I suppose he joked a bit too much about them and they tried to cut his brakes and douse him in gasoline. It was mad that he was trying to sell it at some point, and the floors of the van were ripped apart.

There is also the Kevorkian van, an old 1968 Volkswagen, which I’m sure barely ran. It was sold to, of course, Zak Bagans. I swear this guy is in every other post. It ended up in his museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. The van was owned previously by Jack Kevorkian, a doctor who performed euthanizing to the terminally ill.

Which was illegal at the time.


There, in the world, is a haunting from a car that was witnessed by many. It happened in South Africa in 2004. A Renault Megane, a sort of wagon vehicle and I’m counting it, was seen haunting its driver. It apparently turned itself on and jumped backwards.

You know these bad boys are haunted nowadays, for vehicle haunts
You know these bad boys are haunted nowadays

I checked the recall list for this vehicle, and it is insanely long. It had some major issues with brakes. It also had an “engine hesitation concern”. I have no idea what this means because I work in retail, not in a mechanics shop. It could, though, cause some issues with the engine. Maybe, just maybe, causing it to lurch around without any keys in the ignition.

Either way, the actual Megane could be haunted or just needed some service. They call it the “jumping car of Cape Town” and I’m all for a haunt, but man, go to a mechanic.

Other than that, no other wagons were really haunted.


Sedans do not grant much more as this one is pretty much on Charles Mason. His vehicle, a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air, was found and restored it what it once was. While this is super neat, it doesn’t really state it being haunted, but that Charles Manson himself may haunt the vehicle.

WelderUp, the group that restored the vehicle, had some paranormal experiences while trying to restore it. It would sometimes open its doors after being shut. It could also be a haunting of their shop, so who knows.

Why wouldn’t vehicles be haunted?

There is no answer to why a 4000 lb death trap with award winning crash testing ratings couldn’t be haunted. Ghosts do travel, according to Haunted Orange County. They could controversially travel through portals or haunt the person. They could even haunt the radio and change everything to that odd static channel where the transmission just close enough to catch but far enough away to not give me some 80’s top hits.

Furthermore, there are curses that are mobile. Hex bags are a thing and can be placed in a vehicle. While not being haunted per se, it could really mess the vehicle up. There is an actuary out there just shaking his head at this possibility, wondering how many recalls were set up by avenging witches.

What else could allow haunts of vehicles? I know that there are many ways that the haunted can exist, an idea that I wrote about before. A summoning and portals in general could have some effect on folks haunting your preowned sedan. You’d imagine that it would never happen as the excitement of a moon roof overtakes if you are about to experience a Paranormal Activity.

A haunted vehicle is possible

I mean, buildings, cemeteries, entire states (hello, Louisiana), and even people can be haunted. Why not vehicles? I mean, I brought my Subaru home today and tonight the stove turned the broccoli off while fixing dinner. Could it be a coincidence or just my oven not liking vegetables? I mean, I did get a good deal on it.

Almost too good to be true.

I’ll let you know if my Forester tries to murder me.

Now that I have this irrational fear in my mind, I do have to question why I bought a used car in the first place. The answer is simple, and it is entirely about how much the car was. Anyone who thinks a 2017 Subaru Outback should cost the same as the 2021 version really needs to sort out their priorities. I don’t make $40,000 a year and I plan to keep my sanity when buying a car.

With all the excitement still rumbling in my mind and the forums I’ve already joined to be a part of this fanatical group of Subaru ownership, I realized that I have nothing to worry about yet. Hauntings take time to settle in a new place if I go by Hollywood standards. But haunted vehicles are very much real. They just aren’t prevalent.

Quick update from the future!

My vehicle isn’t haunted and I’m a little sad about it. I would definitely recommend Subaru’s, though.

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