The Paranormal in an Alternate Universe


You’ve probably heard of the theory of an alternate universe. These other universes could be one of our own cloned, or a completely different idea altogether. There are many theories that have surfaced with this knowledge and idea in mind. If you ever want to jump into that rabbit hole, I’d recommend Brian Greene, a physicist and professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia University.

Live Science recently posted an article on this idea, stating that there is an anti-universe in our midst. Well, not directly in our midst because we can’t touch it, but still existing on one plane or another. Now, you may be asking why this might be paranormal.

Well, it is otherworldly. Ba dum, tss.

ba dum tss

The theory that changing aspects of our universe changes its contents

I love this theory because of what Brian Greene states. There are certain numbers in our universe that are very well known. Those of pi, which is never ending, but also helps us give a number to aid in the circumference of a circle. But what if there was another number that thus changes pi in our universe? It would completely change how we would view our universe.

which door to take for alternate universe
Which door leads to the other realm?

Greene expressed a discovery about a number that describes how much dark energy is around to aid in how the cosmos speeds up. Now, I am not physicist, but he does help in explaining the number itself. It in itself is a question. The number presented is very small, with a dot followed by 35 zeros and then 138. The question brought up is the significance of this number and how it manages itself within other universes.

The answer itself is very much unknown, but there is excitement in wondering if this number has some significance in how our universe is. What would change if this number were to be different? How would our universe look, or how would it move in accordance with the amount of dark matter? Would that number change as well? There is a dozen more questions to be looked at now that this number in known.

Alternate universes might not be able to be a twin universe

You may love that one episode in Futurama where the crew goes to view an alternate universe at the end of their own universe, or the one with the Farnsworth Paradox. These paradoxes were always different in some way. There could be a universe where Bigfoot doesn’t exist in any form, or we are all a different color.

In the paranormal view, this is extraordinary because how we see paranormal may be normal in another alternate universe. The Live Science article states that there are a few aspects that could vary in another universe. These aspects form what is called CPT symmetry.

  1. Charge of particles (think electrons, protons, and neutrons)
  2. Parity or a mirror image (more in the nucleus formation)
  3. Time

These aspects can change, creating an entirely different idea of a universe. Now the article goes away from what Brian Greene speaks of, but the idea of a multi-verse is still present. This anti-verse twin the article speaks about could be the opposite of what we see in our own universe, or a backwards version of it.

Paranormal in this alternate universe

Our universe seems to be expanding and it is theorized that other universes could be doing the same. We are not special in any way, so this could definitely be a possibility. In that case, their sci-fi fantasies could also be very much change paranormal. You might wonder about the paranormal in possible alternate universes and if they could exist. Could the very small number given to us explain why our own paranormal creatures exist in our cultures?

This terrifying concept of alternate universe
This terrifying concept, by Chil Vera from Pixabay

Now, there is much more to it, I understand, but that number could mean the difference between us having real magic and not even letting it exist in our universe. It is a long shot, but there is a possibility that changing the way elements are charged could have implications for the paranormal.

What is paranormal to us could be normal to another universe. They might not even have ghosts. We as humans could be paranormal to them. Now, this is just a small look into parallel universes and alternate ones. There is so much to explore with them, and I would very much consider them otherworldly.

No denying the paranormal in an alternate universe

With some very mysterious numbers and strange ideas, you cannot deny that the theories on alternate and anti-universes aren’t interesting. We can ponder on what they are, if you can even visit one, and what would happen if they met. There are theories abound!

But this is the start of something new to look at. While I do not believe that these alternate universes themselves are paranormal, much like with aliens, their properties of paranormal culture and state of being is. You can always think big picture in these situations, but why not ask the question of how their paranormal would be?

Would they even have it considering the state and structure of their elements and atoms? Would that change the entirety of how they contrive to believe in the paranormal? That even brings the question if others in our own universe would believe what we believe.

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