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sims 4 occult
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If you’re like me, you’ve played some version of The Sims. The game is owned now by EA Games, but in the past has been owned by Maxis. The Sims debuted in 2000, with 4 main franchises and countless spin-offs including those now on mobile game stores. The Sims 4 occult has been in nearly every version of the franchise games, with some adding in new occult types, like genies and skeletons.

Each of the main 4 have their own life states, some overlapping, such as witches, vampires, ghosts, mermaids, and aliens. These life states, other than human, are occult life states. You wouldn’t mind looking at how accurate they got these occult states with the actual creature. The 4 above, being witches, vampires, ghosts, and mermaids, are the current occult types that are featured in all the main games. Of course, some are named differently, but they do exist. So, I will look at some of these in their accuracy with the Sims 4 as it is the most recent of the franchise.

This is based on the current research of each occult state both in the game and in the real world. These comparisons are not based on The Sims team’s research, but the occult states themselves as they are. There is no affiliation with the game or the team themselves.

The witch, or spellcaster

spellcaster sims 4 occult
The spellcaster and cauldron.

There isn’t as much lore in the game as I would like, but The Sims 4 spellcasters are the witch of this game. They use spells and potions to complete tasks like reading others’ emotions, setting things on fire, and bringing back the dead. They also have the option of using a broom, a wand, a cauldron, and a familiar.

What you see here is the basics of stereotypical witch casting. The Sims is one that takes after its predecessors. The older witches evolved into this spellcaster type, although you can’t summon a dragon anymore. In history, though, the items discussed were very much used. The broom is for protection and cleaning. The wand use is ancient, dating back to ancient Greece and even may have use by the Zoroastrians in 900 B.C.

The familiar came about much later in the 1500’s during the witch trials. There are discussions of familiars in Homer’s Odyssey, but this isn’t the same as in the game. Familiars in the game are more like spirit guides, rather than the idea of witches turning into animals. As for the cauldron, well it goes back fairly far. You see the cauldron, and broom, used in folk tales, much like that of Baba Yaga.

The vampire

Vampire sims 4 occult

This one is pretty simple to look at with all of the games because vampires didn’t change much through each generation of The Sims. Vampires in the Sims 4 can’t stand garlic, can’t stand the sun, and feed on humans for their blood. These are very typical of modern vampires. Historically, there is no evidence to back that garlic is the enemy of the vampire.

There is discussion that vampires at some point may have had an affliction that made them intolerant to vampires, but this idea has only a few accounts in history. The rest, though, is all connected to vampires in history. The drinking of blood is a given as vampires have always had a taste for it.

For the sunlight, it is a rumor in history rather than fact. It was mostly assumed in the beginning as they were creatures of the night. Media accounts in books and television broadened this idea by making them allergic, essentially, to the sun. The same with garlic, certain afflictions caused the idea of vampires to avoid the sun for their own health.

The ghost

Ghost sims 4 occult
This is what happens when you don’t extinguish yourself, girl.

The ghosts in the Sims 4 are entirely accurate historically. They can have conversations with the living, attach to a household, come out mostly at night, and more. The ghosts in this game do have an extra ability, that of having certain powers if they die a certain way.

Death by laughter gives the ghost the ability to give off “moodlets” while those who die of fire can start fires. This obviously doesn’t happen in real life, but investigators have reported strange occurrences with how someone may have died. They could smell smoke in a house where someone burned to death. In other situations, someone angry could give off angry vibes.

The only ordeal we haven’t figured out yet is bringing them back to life. In the game, ghosts can be brought back in many ways, that of ambrosia, a spell, or the book of life. This isn’t entirely accurate, but you can’t say that we as humans haven’t tried.

The plant sim

Plantsim sims 4 occult
Plantsim in the winter.

Okay, okay, this one is not accurate at all historically, but it is an occult type, so we are discussing it. If there was ever a moment where humans could go part plant, I’d love to be a part of it. The biggest culture this is seen in is comic books. Poison Ivy is really the only other character where humans and plants are one and in popular media.

Trust me when I say that there aren’t many, if any, stories or myths on humans being able to photosynthesize. I tried to find one, I really did. If there is one out there, it is very much hidden.

The mermaid

Mermaid sims 4 occult
Mermaid swimming around.

From Island Living, we were given mermaids. The sim is two-footed until their toes are dipped in water. They have a siren song, can befriend a mermaid, and hate snorkeling. The siren song is historical, especially in Greek myths. Their singing would literally sink ships. Back to Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus was warned about sirens by Circe.

To change from two feet to fins is an odd one but has some accuracy. Sirens in Greek Mythology could shift into having legs if need be. They are the basis of what mermaids were, so they count in discussing the mermaid. In Mesopotamia, though, these creatures didn’t seem to shift at all and were absolute hybrids. I can understand why they would hate snorkeling, so my hat is off to you, Sims team.

The rest of the creatures

While there is always going to be a release of occult types in The Sims, these are the biggest ones as of yet. There is the prediction of werewolves coming in the near future, so they will be added once thoroughly judged. Aliens, of course, are not on this list and for a very good reason. They may be otherworldly, but I wouldn’t call them paranormal. Debate all you like; it isn’t going to change my mind.

Among the rest, like skeletons, Grim Reaper, Servos, Bonehilda, and Patchy the seed packet spawner, are small or futuristic occults that aren’t exactly fleshed out enough (heh) to get a background. They are still significant in the game, but historically, they aren’t exactly part of our own world in myths and legends. Except for the Grim, of course. He is everywhere.

Grim reaper sims 4 occult
Every party this guy shows up.


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