Some of the Best Coincidences in Tarot


I’ve been doing tarot every day for 4 months now. There have been some wild coincidences in tarot that I have noticed. Some are cheeky in the deck while others are just bizarre. Now that I have nearly over 100 entries in the practice, it is time to share some insight as to how correct tarot is.

The coincidence of the same card daily

This has happened a couple of times where the same card is pulled over and over. In January, I pulled the 6 of Wands 3 times in two weeks. Towards the end of the month, I pulled both The Chariot and The Empress twice in a row, all in one week. They were mostly correct in the days, but I suppose the days had the same occurrences.

Coincidences in Tarot, the chariot

In March, I pulled the 4 of Cups twice in a row, but one day it was upside down while the second day it was upward. This is obviously because I had flipped the card before putting it back in the deck. Because it loves to show up like this, The Chariot showed up twice in a row towards the end of the month. In April, the Father of Cups showed up twice in one week, but not back-to-back. It was followed with two more cards in the Cups arcana.

The coincidence of the same card for clarification

At times, when I pull a card that looks negative, I always pull a second to either make sure I am focused (i.e., it was a correct pull) or to clarify. This has happened with the 5 of Swords. It means betrayal, conflict, and wanting to be the winner. It is not a positive card. I ended up doing a second pull, shuffling wildly like I do.

I pulled it again. Being honest, I chuckled a little bit about it. The day itself started off with accidentally sleeping in. It continued to have a blocked morning and a forgotten dream. It just wasn’t a good start to the day, and this was all before my morning tarot pull. When asking for clarification on this card, it gave me the 2 of Wands, stating to stand up for what I believe in, but don’t steamroll others. It was very fitting in understanding what might occur.

This has happened a couple of times before, but nothing as noteworthy. Asking for clarification on negative cards is essential, in my own opinion. It puts you in a mindset that is more than just “oh, this is going to be a bad day”. Instead, it brings a new perspective of what might happen and how to handle that situation.

The numbers used for each month

As you may know, I have an Excel workbook for my tarot journey. Each worksheet (the tabs at the bottom) is a month with averages and modes at the end. I do this for the 4 quarters of the year as well and will do the same for end of year. The average is for how accurate the tarot card was for the day. The mode is to collect the most seen number that is associated with the cards.

Coincidences in Tarot

The average for the first quarter (January-March) was 7.68 in how accurate the cards were. It is an expected number as I was still getting into the divination type. The most seen arcana was Major Arcana, with Wands not far behind. I rarely pulled Swords or Cups. This is slowly changing as I get farther through the year.

Additionally, for the mode, it was 2. Now, this number is connected to numerology associated with tarot. I used a few references for this, one from Biddy Tarot and Labyrinthos. The number 2 describes harmony and the merging of two, creating something whole. Looking back at the winter quarter, it was pretty accurate.

In the days of 10’s

At the start of this tarot journey, it was rare to see a 10 on the rating for tarot accuracy. This is mostly because of my inexperience with the practice. As time went on, though, I had figured out how to shuffle, show my insights, and ask questions.

Out of the 101 pulls, only 4 days received a 10, 1 being in February and 3 in March. During these days, there was one with a negative card, being the 7 of Wands. Its description notates defiance, courage against odds, and conviction. It was a rough day and allowed me to be self-aware of the situation at hand.

Death, Coincidences in Tarot

Another one was on March 31st, being the card of Death. I’ve gotten this one a couple of times, twice when there was an actual death, one being a dog and the other a chicken. But the card itself involves transformation and closure rather than actual death. This “10 day” was at the end of the month, of the season, and was fitting for the day.

Insight of these coincidences in tarot

With all of the data so far, I can say that I have still much to learn. There are inaccurate days and some days where I just don’t feel it. This has been a struggle, but I am attempting to Pavlov myself into focusing on the day with the cards. Divination is a paranormal journey that takes much longer than a few months.

a stack of tarot cards

Although I have done reviews of other divination types and compared them, tarot has been the most accurate practice that I have jumped into. Oneiromancy takes second place in this. You may not practice tarot or have much interest in it, but it is a truly fascinating way to understand how your life is. It is much like numerology where you need to look at it at face value, and with a grain of salt.

Out of all my pulls, I’ve rarely had one that was below a 6 in rating, just 4 out of the 101, the same as those with perfect ratings. This goes to show that the practice does have some bumps with human error as well as some outliers. I will continue to go about this practice and update to allow accurate results to examine how correct the outcomes are.

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