Small Ways that Cultures Avoid the Paranormal

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I’m sure you know what a fairy is, but what you may not know is how much the Fae do not like humans. Well, I don’t want to say they don’t like us. They… nothing us. We will never win their hearts. We will never domesticate them. That isn’t how they work. With similar ideals, this superstition is why cultures avoid the paranormal.

Now, before you go, “Hey, Paranormal Duck! Fairies aren’t real!” Well, yes and no. Fairies are very much alive in many cultures all around the world. They have existed through many different generations of people and are bigger legends than Bigfoot. They exist just to create anxiety towards mushroom circles and deals.

Of course, there are many other creatures that are avoided in certain cultures. Ghosts, for example, are not really spoken about in some African countries because the dead aren’t meant to come back. This is obviously much different than, say, Argentina, which has a whole celebration for them. To honor the dead is still real, but the fear of the dead coming back is different.

So, what cultures avoid the paranormal?

This question is broad, yes, and there is one simple answer: all of them fear at least 1 paranormal creature. If you’ve read or watched my history of the witches, you’ll very quickly see that culture and widespread fear of the unknown means avoidance, or even worse, expulsion. Especially when tied to religion, paranormal creatures are not welcomed in many cultures.

ghost showing to avoid the paranormal
Ghost floating around

Now, before I have separated culture and religion, as they are two separate things, although one tends to compliment the other. In this post, we will mesh the two a little bit more than usual as in some case, religion takes precedence over other aspects of the stated society. Just go with it. Culture is strange.

Cultures avoid the paranormal, no matter where they are.

On my YouTube channel, I have a playlist called “Where are the Haunted Now?”, where I discuss where the haunted are nowadays. It started with the ghosts of Russia, which I also did a post on. These videos evolved in a way that gave me some reasoning for this posting. Some cultures, like that of Peru, welcomed a certain vampire when everyone else said no.

The story is that of Sarah Ellen, who was executed in England in 1913 for being a vampire witch hybrid. The fear of her became so widespread that she wasn’t to be buried in the country whatsoever. Her husband needed to bury her, so he traveled all over Europe.

The fear of the paranormal was so grand that the continent of Europe turned down his request. So, her husband traveled even farther, to South America, to try to get his wife 6 feet under. The only country that took her in was Peru. Sarah Ellen is buried in Pisco, Peru, getting her burial the same year as when she was executed.

Now, this is just a story, but it would have happened as superstition was vast back in the day. And yes, I know that is only 100 years ago, but since witch executions still happen today, one going on back then wouldn’t be farfetched.

What I love about the paranormal is their ability to instill fear.

Now, I don’t mean that we should always be scared, but fear is a great motivator. Something as simple as an unknown creature can make the papers and frighten the community. There are many examples of this. There is the creature, Mo Mo, an online persona from a couple of years back. It was frightening.

The next creature is the Slenderman. This is a paranormal creature that not only made it into media, but into global news. While the situation was unnecessary, it shows that paranormal still has its grips in our lives. We are not safe from the paranormal. Of course, this is an extreme case.

Other paranormal, like ghosts, are varying in how they influence certain cultures. Creatures like witches are revered in some cultures, like in the Pagan community to an extent, while being decimated in others. It is the fear and hatred of them that make them powerful.

Why, in the beginning, I spoke about fairies being avoided.

While they have many names, fairies are influencing the world with paranormal fear. You can talk all day about vampires, zombies, and witches, but fairies take the win on this one. Many cultures do not like fairies and avoid them entirely. The biggest example of this is in the United Kingdom.

Illustration of fairy, avoid the paranormal
Illustration of fairy

The concept of the fear of fairies are considered new, as in the 13th century, England made them more into small people. In the beginning, as I could tell, they may have started in ancient Greece as nymphs. By the 17th century, they were considered a part of the Christian Hell, or equivalent to the Devil.

In China, there is the ‘huli jing’ and in Japan, the ‘kitsune’, unrelated fairy types that are more mischievous and eviler. Furthermore, they can be good if they are given a gift or worshipped. This is very similar to the European fairy. They are not friendly folk that you would see in a Disney film, but more like Leprechaun.

Because we avoid the paranormal, do we accidentally lose it?

If you know the paradox I’m talking about, great. If not, I’ll give you a run down. It is called the ‘Law of Attraction’, but really just the opposite. It doesn’t have a true name. I’ll just called it the ‘Law of Retraction’. Anyways, basically it means if you think about something enough, it will happen.

So, the opposite, obviously, should be considered. If you avoid thinking a fairy cursed you, then it isn’t true. You avoid the paranormal because of what it could do to you. There is no fancy step-by-step for this. I did just make you think it because you read it and now you can’t avoid it. There is no mercy with the paranormal.

Zombies, illustrate to avoid the paranormal
Zombies are coming for you! Just kidding.

I joke. You’ll forget about a curse by your next mealtime. It is because you don’t need to worry about it. The reason why the paranormal is so forgotten nowadays is because what used to be claimed as paranormal has been scientifically explained. It isn’t a curse on your family, you’re just a part of an unfortunate statistic.

Do not think culture and needing to avoid the paranormal is bogus.

What we think of in our culture is much different than that of another. They might think you are crazy for not taking certain paranormal encounters more seriously. Perception is a great thing, but it can really skew how you might understand another society sitting next door to yours.

Just don’t underestimate the fairy. You and I both don’t really know if they don’t exist, so don’t take any chances. They might be right behind you. Or something. Life isn’t a horror movie. It is just life.

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