Remarkable Trusted Tarot Test on Digital vs Physical

Now that I have been doing a daily tarot pull for 5 months now (pause for applause for my consistency), I have gained some curiosity with digital tarot. There is pure wonderment on how digital tarot works. What makes it pull the cards? Is there a war between digital versus physical tarot? How accurate could it be compared to the real thing? This trusted tarot test is sure to be a great way to compare the two.

Well, if you’re curious, then strap in because I spent one week doing both. Starting on the 1st of the June, I downloaded a popular tarot app, Labyrinthos. They have a daily tarot pull option on the app. Please note that I am not affiliated with this app or the website, nor do I have any other opinion about them other than their daily pull compared to mine.

I downloaded the app and signed up, just to keep my information stored as I do not have a good memory. Seriously, for us memory depraved people out there, doing something consistently for several months is amazing. I chose the deck ‘Luminous Spirit Tarot’, mostly for the fact that it is the prettiest one.

The trusted tarot test with each: 1 and 3 card pulls

I pulled the 7 of Cups for my physical reading this morning. It is also the same card I pulled on the last day of April. How neat. This card represents a bit of day dreaming. It states to essentially get my head out of the clouds and focus on what is really productive and what I need to get done for the day.

Trusted tarot test of 1,3 card pulls

The app pull was a little more personal and oddly accurate to the day. The cards presented are the 5 of Pentacles, a reversed 2 of Wands, then the Page of Pentacles. Adding these three together indicate a need of change, but an anxiety that it wouldn’t happen, but to set to your ambitions. These two are very similar and I will argue that they are speaking about the same thing.

There is an option for a one card pull that I just found, so we will be using one card pulls for each day. Also, I am using the same websites from my other tarot experiments.

Day 1

The day was a very chill one, but I was not feeling up to the task to do much. The thing with non-aura migraines that I have is that they will give you a good feeling in the morning, and right around noon, it hits like a ton of bricks. I pulled in the evening for these two as I wasn’t much use to anyone during the day.  The physical card pull is the 9 of Pentacles and the digital card pull is the 9 of Swords.

These two cards are near opposites in description. The 9 of Pentacles relates to sovereignty and happiness while the 9 of Swords deals with trauma and anxiety. Oddly enough, they relate to the same question. It is to ask what you are doing that will make life easier.

I was both anxious and happy yesterday, choosing to play with the new kittens, giving them their first bath, cleaning up after the ducks and chickens. The list goes on. I even gave myself time to relax because why wouldn’t I? Overall, these two were a solid 6/10 for accuracy.

Day 2

This day I did a morning pull. I did my morning barn chores quickly and got into my coffee about 45 minutes after waking up. That is pretty good considering how much there is to do in the morning. For my physical pull, I got the 2 of Pentacles and for my digital pull I got The Chariot.

The 2 of Pentacles relates to shifting with the workflow while the Chariot advises control and pushing forward. These two would go well hand-in-hand in a 3 card pull. This was a real struggle during the day as I was not feeling okay. Along with a migraine, I barely got any work done, but I managed to get most of what I wanted to get done completed.

It was a solid 8/10 day.

Day 3

The morning is always the same. It was quicker this morning as I had some help. I realized this morning that I have been having some similar dreams where I am looking for something or following someone. Last night’s dream was about me using clairvoyance to stop a shooter. I was looking for clues in people’s minds for some reason.

The physical pull today is the 2 of Wands and the digital pull is a reversed 3 of pentacles. So far, reverses on the app are prominent. These two cards are total opposites. The 2 of Wands is all about determination while the reversed 3 of Pentacles is about being disorganized. They can mean the same, though, to get motivated and figure out whatever today may bring.

Both cards had some meaning today. I ran errands, cleaned the house up, and made a YouTube video. It was a 7/10 in accuracy.

Day 4

This morning was a doozy. I woke up late, did my morning barn chores, and had a rough time doing it. I have back issues from the military and this morning was not a fun one. Even bending over to pick up a bowl off the ground was painful. So, of course, my morning physical pull was The Devil and my digital one was the 8 of Swords.

Both deal with entrapment and to find liberation. I doubt these pulls are from my physical pain, but we will see what today brings. This morning was a difficult one, but at this point, I complete everything as if it is second nature. The rest of the day has been difficult, but I don’t think it is one to break out of. I did have to chase my dogs as they ran out of the house, but I doubt that is what the cards are talking about.

It was a 6/10 day.

Day 5

I slept in again. I had a dream that I was on a boat full of semi-trucks to get somewhere. For some reason, I kept having to move trucks. At some point, a truck turned into an old Harry Potter style school, and I had some friends to help me. My physical pull today is the 3 of Swords and my digital pull is the 9 of Wands. I honestly hate the 3 of Swords. It deals with isolation and a difficult experience. The 9 of Wands goes into being about resilience and getting past a tough task.

They are very much two sides of the same coin, but I do fear for what the day brings. It is Sunday, so I will not be doing too much. Truly, I didn’t. I may be off in June, but I really mean it when I say the day wasn’t too bad. A gruesome 5/10 for accuracy.

Semi truck

Day 6

For some reason, The Devil is following me and I’m not feeling like he gets how my days are. That is my physical pull, and my digital pull is a reversed 3 of Wands. The 3 of Wands is all about getting caught up while making plans. As much as this does happen, it didn’t really today.

I cleaned more than I thought I would, I put out hay for the chickens and ducks. I even ran some errands and got some kittens adopted. Or maybe I was entrapped in my own mind and it was me getting up that was the celebration from The Devil. There weren’t any delays today, so I give physical a higher score than digital, a 7/10 and a 4/10, respectively.

Day 7

Well, this morning was a strange one. I woke up and completed chores. I am hoarse from the hay from yesterday. I spent 3 hours outside shuffling around something that I am allergic to, so I am taking it slow today. This morning, my physical pull is the 5 of Wands. Digitally, it is the reverse 5 of Wands.

This is neat and I can tell you already today is a good 5/10. My only conflict at the moment is speaking and energy. If anything, I wouldn’t mind avoiding either. It may be that my pulls are just off for this month, but my goodness do these two pulls do not mean much to the day.

Conclusion of the trusted tarot test

It may have been an off week, but it seems that either way you go, tarot pulls are going to be inaccurate at times. Some made more sense throughout the week as I am going through some hard times at the moment. I would say The Devil has some accuracy as the week went on as I am not patient. I would say it became more apparent as the week went on.

trusted tarot

So, those two days made more sense at the end of my 7-day experiment. The digital pulls just weren’t really on the nose as much as my physical ones were. One reason could be that I have spent more time with my physical deck, and we just get one another. Another reason could be that the digital deck is something I am not used to, therefore I refuse it.

Spending more time with the digital deck may help, but as much as I love pulling cards, doing it in too many ways can really hurt your ability to understand them. Either way, do what you want, but just pick your favorite type or you could be questioning your own deck.

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