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Paranormal in December
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In the times of holidays, there is always paranormal afoot. The biggest paranormal month, October, has come and gone, leaving us with what else in the year that contains some paranormal. Well, paranormal in December is second on the list. This month is chock full of holidays from different cultures and religions. It has more differing ideals than any other month.

What I enjoy about December is that it contains more than you know. The holidays at the end of the year are full, whether you celebrate one, or many. Nearly every day near the end of the month is a holiday somewhere in the world. If you were to celebrate every one of them, you would have already started, with Hanukkah, and ended on the 31st with Scotland’s Hogmanay.

That is a lot of partying. So, what holidays are in between and how do they contain paranormal? What paranormal ideals are within the holidays you celebrate?

Hanukkah, the paranormal oil of the past, November 28th – December 6th

This treasured holiday celebrates 8 days of what is called the “festival of lights.” A menorah holds 9 candles, one for lighting the other candles, called the shamash. It is to celebrate a phenomenon where oil was scarce to light the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

menorah, Paranormal in December

Instead of the light only burning for one night, it burned for 8 days. This is seen as a miracle as the oil wasn’t supposed to last that long. This is paranormal, as the oil shouldn’t have lasted that long, but somehow, it did. There was no explanation as to how it could have burned for so long.

Halcyon Days, the legends of paranormal, December 14th

While this holiday, like others, isn’t on the same day every year, this year it is on the 14th. According to the Almanac, Halcyon Days comes from a Greek myth written by Ovid. The ruler of winds’ daughter, Alcyone, met with tragedy as her husband, Ceyx, the king of Thessaly, drowned in the sea.

The calm sea of Halcyon Days, Paranormal in December
The calm sea of Halcyon Days

Instead of her drowning herself in sorrow, the gods took pity on the couple and turned them into halcyons, gaining the power to calm the sea for 14 days. It ends around the beginning of January. As any Greek myth goes, this one legend is associated with peace and overcoming the rough seas. It is paranormal in that it contains an otherworldly transformation.

Las Posadas, the paranormal story, December 16th – December 24th

While being more religious than paranormal, the story within Las Posadas is one of the paranormal. It is the story of Joseph and Mary finding a place to birth their holy child. The holiday itself started around 1586.

According to National Today, it was to aid indigenous tribes in understanding Christianity. The Aztecs, at the time, were also honoring Huitzilopochtli, the God of sun and war, around the same time. Las Posadas involves communities hosting a celebration for each night.

Broken pinata, Paranormal in December
Broken pinata

Alongside the celebration, there is a procession that goes to certain homes and request lodging for Joseph and Mary, but they must always be refused. Mass is also held each day, with star-shaped pinatas for the kids to break. It is to symbolize the star that guided the three wise men.

Winter Solstice, the densest of them all, December 21st

Winter Solstice is a great example of harboring paranormal beliefs. It has a few holidays connected to it, such as:

  • Hopi Indians in Arizone’s Soyal
  • Persian festival’s Yalda
  • Roman festival’s Saturanlia
  • Scandanavia’s St. Lucia’s Day
  • Iran’s Shab-e Yalda
  • Japan’s Toji
  • Wicca’s Yule
Stone, Celtic, Paranormal in December
Stone, Celtic

There are many others. The Winter Solstice is connected to death, rebirth, and the dark. It is the shortest day of the year, which means the darkest as well. With these dark days, it was also linked to famine through the winter, says Roselinde. The months following December would be festering with famine from the lack of growth of flora and fauna.

Christmas, the overall paranormal, December 25th

You cannot argue that Christmas is the most paranormal of December. You just can’t. There isn’t another holiday in this month that defies Christmas in the otherworldly realm. First, you have Santa Claus, who is a paranormal anomaly with his flying sleigh and reindeer. Second, there is Krampus, the demon-like creature who steals, beats, and sings.

Santa figurine, Paranormal in December
Santa figurine

It is celebrated in many different ways across the world, but the main reasoning is that presents from another entity appears overnight. It is also the set birth time of Jesus Christ in the Christian faith. This is the son of the Christian God, who fulfills the role of forgiveness. If that doesn’t scream paranormal, I don’t know what will.

Hogmanay, the last of the year, December 31st

This holiday is Scottish, bringing the year to a close and opening the new year. This holiday started in Scotland around the years 700-800. It may have come from Viking influence, says Historic UK. It is much like the late Christmas, but with some additions. The rituals to be performed around the house were to clean it for the new year. This included:

  • Cleaning the house itself
  • Taking out ashes from any fires
  • Clearing your debts by ringing a bell at midnight
  • First footing into the New Year
Clean your house, Paranormal in December, hogmanay
Clean your house.

Now, the last one I will wait to discuss with the New Year, as it happens after midnight. There are many paranormal traditions in this holiday, and it is because it is so old. Of course, it kept with tradition and gets to be the last holiday on the list. Expect to see this one again.

The paranormal in December is vast

And even more so, it is globally different. While there are some others in the month, these are prominent in their standings. So, if you celebrate any of these holidays, which I’m guessing many of you do, then you have some better understanding of the paranormal connection that they have. For the holidays that I’ve missed, and I’m sure I missed some, leave a comment on which one.

There are so many holidays out there for December and this list doesn’t even begin to cover them all. But, while some are mere thankful holidays, these in particular have a paranormal sense around them. So, what is your favorite paranormal-involving holiday?

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