Let’s Try Divination: An Odd Week of Oneiromancy

Oneiromancy and connecting to dreams

You know that I tend to explore my dreams for certain things and divination has become one of them. I was trying to figure out where to buy runes for another week of fortune telling and came across this strange word. Oneiromancy is not only fun to say, but also is the divination of dreaming. Now, you know that I won’t remember every dream that I have. Sometimes, they will just leave me.

Oneiromancy is mainly about dreams telling the future. They could be messages sent to us and is seen in the ancient Greece, Egypt, and Babylonia, so you can also assume it made its way into Rome at some point. It is seen in many holy texts as well and with Pharaohs and even in Homer’s Odyssey.

What will you dream?
What will you dream?

Before we begin, please note that not all of these will mean something in the week. Just like with tarot, some things did come about afterwards, which you may see later if I do go through with it. So far, you will. For this experiment, I did get a sleep journal and have a way to write in low light. My phone also has an app, but since phone lights tend to wake me up, I am going to try to keep it at bay.

The aid of others with oneiromancy

For this one, I used the literal Dreams Dictionary. It is a free and easy way to figure out your dreams. There is also an actual dictionary called 12,000 Dreams Interpreted: A New Edition for the 21st Century, which you can get here. I also used websites as a tool to aid my quest, like Good Witches Homestead and Christiane Knight. There are other resources for oneiromancy, I’m sure.

Monday, January 17th

Now, to preface this, I’ve been watching Lord of the Rings for the past week, including both normal and extended editions. Some of these dreams may take place in Gondor. This dream takes a turn into medieval fantasy.

I was at a farm filling up water for ducks. It was cold water for some reason. Every time I went outside, though, the horses at the farm kept multiplying. Like just copy-paste each time I turned around. I then had to go to work, but the scenery changed. Like in a movie, I was suddenly helping a king with their chores.

So, animals multiplying has a real meaning in dreams. It is about freedom and confidence. Very strange that going to work was literally a chore. Oddly enough, I had the weekend off and worked on Monday, so it may have been an expression of how work may go. Work is not a chore for me, but it did involve some “cleaning house”, as the saying goes. As a first dream, it was an interesting one.

Tuesday, January 18th

Continuing my realm into Middle Earth, I also came across another dream with a character. In this dream, or what I could make from my half-asleep notes, I was in a room with 3 others and helping a woman deliver a child. The dream setting was in an old, abandoned prison/horror museum. After the baby was born, I met with none other than Bilbo Baggins, who was about a foot higher than he should have been, around 4 feet tall.

a descriptor of Oneiromancy frozen giant dream
Just picture this in your dream, image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

He and I then went on an adventure to get out of the prison, but he was sadly captured. He didn’t seem mad about it, at least. If you are wondering, I am watching The Hobbit if I ever get through The Return of the King.

For the pregnancy bit, I looked up friend pregnancy as, in the dream, I was friends with the future mom. The meaning behind this bit is a fresh start or new awakening. Continuing with Mr. Baggins, this part of the dream is more about being idle. I am wondering how much of these meanings are going to overlap. The hobbit may have been my guide, but he was captured. Oh, well. He tried.

Wednesday, January 19th

This one was much like the prior dreams with the kingdom and my dreams taking influence from movies. I was choosing a new king in this dream, but it was much like on a board game. It looked like chess but played like a maze. Honestly, the game itself was fun, but I knew the answer. I just had to get to the person on the board.

Now, to add to how my days went, I did get the COVID-19 booster shot on Tuesday. I was not feeling well that night, which is typical of all vaccines I’ve ever gotten. This dream doesn’t have much of a choosing dream type, so I chose to go with searching for board games. This one defines of having an attainment that I am going for.

Something that I may have thought an issue isn’t one. That could go for many things happening this week. I ended up leaving work early on the 19th to take care of myself while my body does its immunity thing. Me leaving may have been that issue, but quite a bit happened that day. I guess oneiromancy got this one right.

Thursday, January 20th

I didn’t have a single dream. Not one that I could remember, anyways. The dream meanings themselves over the week were very vague but did have a pattern. They showed so far that something was coming, there was possibly a choice to make, but then it may not have been my problem anymore.

Dream meanings have many interpretations and mine were no stranger to overlap. Tarot was much easier to decipher.

Friday, January 21st

So, my board game dream continued this day. The only difference with this one is that the items on the board were real people outside the board arguing and watching. I was trying to get out of the dream and ultimately just woke up from it.

Board game and oneiromancy
Board game and oneiromancy

With the board game analogy, I suppose my mind was trying to feel better from the vaccine. It is true that after Thursday, I didn’t have any further issues. I even made-up time at work because I felt much better. What I thought would be a problem literally wasn’t anymore. I guess this continued dream did have some truth to it.

Saturday, January 22nd

A change of events occurred with this night’s dream. It wasn’t about kings or rulers anymore. It was a nice change to the week. In this dream, I am part of a magical school, and everyone was leaving from a possible regime. The faculty members ultimately captured us, but the whole dream had some interesting Community vibes to it.

It was both wacky and dark, overall, an entertaining dream. At the end, though, people had gotten their report cards. When I looked at them, they were classes you would see on Community, not magical ones. Searching for this dream was a tough one, as trying to escape a school to make people think they are taking magic classes was not an option to click.

Seeing magic in dreams is a representation of being stalled from growth and the call for action. I suppose that makes sense when the magic was literally a lie or told to be a lie. The dream itself wasn’t about escape, but just living. I don’t yet know what this dream means to me.

Sunday, January 23rd

I woke up remembering that I had a dream, but not what it was. The dream itself fled from my mind the second I woke up. I also woke up before my alarm for the 3rd time this week, so my sleep schedule may just be off. Assuming that oneiromancy isn’t like tarot, skipping days is most likely normal.

The dream I had the night before still did not make much sense to me, but we did have an ice storm pass through and doing anything was daunting. I’m not a cold lover and going outside to the chicken and duck coops was not a fun job. I still managed to get quite a bit done despite freezing to my core.

Thoughts on oneiromancy

This type of divination requires so much more thought process than tarot, runes, or the pendulum. The descriptor of each dream requires an in-depth look into what the dream was really about. It is not just about what goes on in the dream, but how it reacts with other dreams. Additionally, finding the true meaning of a dream is much tougher than I thought.

Hot air balloon probably has a meaning, too.
Hot air balloon probably has a meaning, too.

This is a strange way to examine past, present, and future actions in the real world. I’ve learned more about my dreams, but with fortune telling, it is not exact. I will not be trying this again, but the experience was one that I will look back on fondly. I did pick an exciting week to do it, with a booster shot and ice storm in the mix.

If you want to try this type of divination, research way more than I did. It takes more than just knowing what an object means, but an entire situation. You must look at it from all angles. It is fun to analyze dreams and seek their true meaning. While I’m not going to get into oneiromancy, I will have a better understanding of how I dream, especially if a strange one pops up.

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