Let’s Try Divination: An Epic Week of Tarot


With all my talk about divination, you would think that I do it. Well, I have dabbled like many, but this time, I’m going to try it out. The works, you know. So, with all my research, I decided to try out a week of tarot. Tarot is the winner because I have a tarot deck and the holidays broke my bank account.

I chose a week for this because it is long enough to see a pattern, but short enough that I wouldn’t get too far into it. At the end of the week, I am going to do a spread that was recommended on the website of the tarot deck. I will link all of them, do not worry. But, as I link what I use, I am not affiliated with these tarot websites. They were chosen by the Google Gods.

The deck I have is The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck. I used the book it came with, alongside Carrie Mallon’s interpretation of the deck and Biddy Tarot. These websites seem to have a good idea of what I will be expecting with my week of tarot, so I am confident in how I can manage this.

Sunday, December 26th

I felt like this was a great day to start because I felt like I needed to. You can call feelings pointless, but, as we know with fear, emotions have some sort of meaning. I decided to do my shuffling in the morning, as I had to work this day, and think of what this feeling wants me to do. So, my week of tarot begins.

The card pulled: Six of Cups

six of cups week of tarot
Six of Cups

Oddly enough, after I pulled this card, this feeling of needing to do something faded. So, my brain was satisfied. This card is concerned with old friends and reunions. While I don’t plan on a reunion and rekindling old friends, I did have a dream the night before about my old high school.

It describes a dream

In this dream, I was in an old, seemingly abandoned set of buildings with many people from my childhood. I was even wearing an old high school band t-shirt. The setting was getting ready for a party, but the atmosphere was very much apocalyptic. It was neat to see some correspondence with this, so I did decide to write down what I could remember from my dreams.

What I couldn’t understand after is why I would pull this card, but we will just leave it as it is. A strange start to a week of tarot, but I’ll allow it.

Monday, December 27th

This is another workday, so I pulled in the morning. I didn’t feel the need to do the shuffling. If anything, I was void of emotion. It was not a great start for my week of tarot. I was also barely into my morning coffee, so the explanation is all there. After a quick shuffle and trying to come up with a rhyme while shuffling, I managed to pull a strange one.

The card pulled: The Star

I do not think I’ve ever pulled this card before. I had to look up its meaning and it was a nice one. A card of peace, energy, renewal, and spirituality. How nice. This card didn’t describe any dreams that I was having, as I was working in a shop after a forgotten adventure in that night’s dream.

Star, for a week of tarot
A star. Imagine it as a tarot card.

If you’re wondering how I remember my dreams, I have a post on a time when the opposite was true. I’ve been working on trying to remember them.

Nothing was aiding this one

I figured doing this exercise of a week of tarot would not yield the best results, but I do have one theory. Maybe going on a second day of pulling cards is a renewal of divination. We will see as the week goes on as I do not know how long these card pulls are useful for in their endeavors. You don’t know when a card pull makes itself known. I sure don’t. This is going to be a strange week of tarot.

Tuesday, December 28th

Now, I wasn’t supposed to work today, but I was called in. It happens and I am fine with it. After a series of crazy dreams from the night before and waking up almost every hour to my cat yowling in the bathroom, I was not prepared for anything today. Sipping my second cup of coffee, I pulled a new card. There were no other feelings today.

I’m tired.

The card pulled: The Hermit

The Hermit for a week of tarot
The Hermit

This card is all about self-reflection and meditation. I’ve spoken about mediation and divination before. This card is about what your feelings are and how they have settled. Well, since today, I am to go back into work, self-reflection is not on the to-do list.

The dreams do not help in this situation

My dreams were very strange as with the first two that I remember were about chasing someone. I assume these were anxiety dreams. The third was an escape dream with random people in a mansion. I’ve dreamed about the place before, but this time I was ready to escape. Sadly, though, we were slightly caught. I woke up before the group was really in trouble.

There is probably a connection between the card and dreams, but I do not have the energy to see what it is. I’m going to assume, though, that it is about anxiety.

Wednesday, December 29th

It is a long day, much like yesterday. I am tired, but I still did a pull in the morning. Just kept waking up last night again, so my dreams were mostly forgotten by the morning. I do remember one being about a cat, but that is it.

The card pulled: Six of Cups

Six of Cups… again?!

I read online about intuition from Biddy Tarot, one of my sources for meanings. With this, I focused on my question, the surrounding energy, etc. I did not expect to pull the same card twice in a week. I looked more into the card meaning and found that its meaning is more of nativity and looking in the past.

Looking into the future is a better tactic than looking at the past, essentially, and looking at a happier moment in your life. There is a possible change in work, so it could be describing that, I’m not sure. This card is a little confusing for me.

No dreams to explain this one

The cat dream was just a cat in a dream. I dream about cats often. That one off dream at the start skewed how I am to look at these cards. This is probably not of what I used to deal with, but what I need to figure out for the future.

Recently, I have been disconnected from many things I used to connect to. I can blame work for this, but it is my own effort not being established. I am probably reaching for straws here but pulling the same card twice in a week may have some semblance to it. The probability of that in a 78-card deck is not common.

I did ask for clarification later and got the Four of Swords. This card is about thought stabilization and centering myself. It was neat to see a nearly direct answer come from the cards. It also worried me a little bit about what this deck holds. My week of tarot is going to have some of its own bumps in the road.

Thursday, December 30th

I dropped some cards while shuffling this morning. There is nothing wrong with that, but oddly enough, I ended up pulling one that fell, and I saw it upside down. Mind you, I keep all of my cards upright.

The card pulled: Reversed Four of Swords

Four of swords  tarot
Four of swords upright

While this card has one meaning upward, reversed, or upside down, has a different meaning. I went on Biddy Tarot for this description as Carrie Melton doesn’t do reversals. The reversed version deals with exhaustion, your average burning out, and deep contemplation.

This card explains me today to a tee. I am tired as I have been working every day for nearly two weeks. Even on my day off on Christmas Day, I was doing work for a second job. Also, I have two jobs. Anyways, the burnout is real, and I have not had time for myself in quite some time.

Today is a short day, so hopefully I can find some time to rest.

A week of tarot is changing how I write down my dreams

I am noticing that I wait a minute to fully wake up before writing down my dreams. I use the app Dream Catcher (on Android) to record my dreams, but when that phone light hits my eyes, my dreams tend to leave my mind quicker. So, I am going to go grab a notebook when I’m off today. It will help more, especially when I wake up in the middle of the night. I wish I started this during the beginning of the week of tarot.

You live and you learn.

Friday, December 31st

I slept very hard last night, and the dreams were bizarre. Since waking up late, the card pull was also late. It was nearly 10 A.M. when I finally got the cards out. My energy is a little bit down, so I figured what I was going to pull was not going to be positive.

The card pulled: Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles for a week of tarot
Five of Pentacles

As much as I love the art on this card, it is a daunting one. It expresses some difficult times ahead and isn’t the best card to pull. It resembles deficiency and looking into what could cause it. Mine, I would say, is energy, but I did ask for clarification for a second pull. Apparently, you can do this, and I should have done this before.

My second card was, strangely, the Four of Pentacles. This card is all about control and loosening your grip on it.

The dreams do not really help here

In the last dream I had, I was learning to play drums for a group of people, but each time that I looked up at the crowd, it kept growing. Suddenly, I was playing a massive drum set with doilies over the drums themselves. I was being asked to play a certain song but since I’ve never played drums in my life, I did not know how.

It was the first time in a while where I had a dream that wasn’t connected to another dream. Every face was new. The location was new. It was all new. So, these cards may be telling me to lose my control over things because what might be coming is out of my hands. Not the cards I wanted, but they are the cards dealt to me.

Saturday, January 1st

Well, yesterday’s card was very much explained today. The start of the new year was not an easy one and will continue to get bumpy. As I cannot go into details, it was not a good start. Today’s card was pulled in haste, as I needed to go into work a few hours earlier than planned.

The card pulled: The Moon

Moon tarot
Why bark at the moon?

I’ve seen this card before, but in the context of the day, it has never made more sense. One thing that this card focuses on is fear. Fear of something that has happened or already happened. I was prepared for something bad.

And bad happened. Someone around me got a bad case of COVID. Even with as many preparations as we can plan, the new Omicron variant knows no bounds. I have not caught the disease yet as I am a fearful human being, but it just knocked on my front door.

Something fascinating with the cards

With my week of tarot, I’ve seen some interesting comparisons to my life and to my dreams. I never expected something as accurate, though. The fact that the end of the week gave me warning, I really did not expect something bad to happen. I focused on each time I shuffled, felt energy being put into the cards, and pulled around the same time each day.

It boggles my mind to think that I might believe in tarot. Its only been one week and the cards have been something of an aid to the day. While it doesn’t necessarily speak of what will happen during the day, I think the cards are more of a guide. It isn’t so much fortune telling as it is a helping hand.

The week of tarot spread

There are many different ways to read tarot, so I chose one from the guidebook my cards came with. In the book, there are different ways to do tarot and the spread I chose is the famous Celtic Cross Spread. While I originally thought to go with a smaller spread, I figured it would be interesting to see what different factors were out there.

This is a massive spread with 10 cards in total. Some of my cards are still reversed from my clumsiness, so they might contribute. I am also using the book’s interpretation of the spread as there is a variety of them. With this pull, I’ll state what the book says the card is about, then a summary of the card. This will make it easier.

The very long Celtic Cross Spread

I focused what I can about the week before and the week ahead. I shuffled more than enough times and do what I normally do. With the deck, I always cut it into three stacks and pick the middle stack. To me, it just looks better than the others.

  1. The situation: The Moon. This one got me a little bit as I just pulled this card today. I’m not kidding when I say I over shuffle and I guess I did a complete 360-degree shuffling. We already know what this one is about, and it is still on my mind.
  2. Opposing factors: Father of Pentacles. This opposite factor is one of being competent and overall leadership. I do not really understand as to why leadership will be opposing, but I guess I will find out.
  3. Root cause: The Emperor. The root cause of my fear is that of establishment and order. It may the lack thereof. If only this one was upside down. It works with the Father of Pentacles, so my fear may be just overwhelming my sense of competency.
  4. Past: Justice. My two favorite things: integrity and truth. Hopefully, my future is not the opposite. I bet tomorrow’s sunrise it is.
  5. Goal: The Sun. I mean, who’s goal isn’t the sun, am I right? Joy, warmth, and success for the future. It is a little bit too on the nose.
  6. Future: The Magician. This card is that of power and purpose. Also, the plural is a great show that I am currently rewatching. I guess I owe a few folks a sunrise. Either way, I hope I get some purpose and creation in my future.
  7. You: Nine of Pentacles. A happy and healthy home. I have been worried about catching COVID and it releases into my house. I live with family, and they are not without ailments. It makes me feel better, but I am still staying insanely cautious.               
  8. External: Son of Cups. This card is all about peace and curiosity. But it probably means that I should really keep some emotions in check.
  9. Hopes and/or fears: Son of Pentacles. This other son (or page, depending on the deck), is about loyalty and further development. I would say I would have a fear of losing the two, but I am hopeful that there is a future to begin with.
  10. Final: Four of Wands. The first wands I’ve gotten. After a week and a 10-card spread, I have finally gotten a wands card. Oddly enough, it is of milestones and celebration. How fitting for a final card. Maybe with the bad, there will be something to celebrate.

And with that, the longest spread I’ll ever do. I’m sure, on your own, it is much easier, but reflecting for a blog post is exhausting. It also takes a while, but surely this would need to happen while studying the meaning of the spread. My idea is that my fear of losing, and hopefulness is being taunted by the bad.

The situation I am currently in is not a fun one and I would like to get off this wild and crazy ride. In the end, there might be some enjoyment and maybe a lesson to learn. Like the rest of us, I just need to keep it together and stay positive. That sounds like something I should already be doing.

Thoughts on a week of tarot

Tarot is complicated. There is much more to it than I thought, and the concentration needed is much more than I previously thought. It has some truth to it, I think. While it can blow smoke where the sun doesn’t shine, it does want to help. I will continue to do this off-post to see if anything further might happen.

A week of tarot has taught me to expect nothing and be surprised as I go along, but I can have something hold my hand as I wander. It may not have an exact science to it, but it is still fascinating to look at in a personal manner. But this week, my first real week of tarot, has been an eye opener. For my next few tricks, I’ll have to get more proactive, but that is just the beginning.

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