Let’s Try Divination: A New Week of Futhark Runes

futhark runes

You may have wondered about futhark runes and how they are perceived in the world of divination. They are the second most used divination type in modern times that I have seen, both on websites, forums, and merchandise. If you go on any divination selling website, you’ll see 2 main products: tarot cards and runes. This could be because they are easy to make, but I think it is just because they are popular.

The futhark runes that I used.
The futhark runes that I used.

I waited for the right set of runes, which I bought from a shop on Etsy. This shop is World Tree US if you want to look at them. I am not affiliated with them or any other website on this post. I just like what they sell. They are a mini set, which I much enjoy since they are easy to pack away.

Now, this divination week is a little bit different from my other ones because I have been successfully completing tarot pulls for my 1-year goal of doing a tarot reading every day. So, with the newly added divination type this week, I will be comparing it to my tarot pull for the day as well. I would add in Oneiromancy, but that would just be too much.

The history of futhark runes

Now, there are different types of rune sets. I chose Nordic because it is more popular than the other, Ogham runes. Also, Ogham runes are more expensive and have less of a history. Nordic runes are from Germany mostly but have a background with Vikings as well. As you may or may not know, Vikings are not primarily from anywhere.

Futhark runes in stone
Futhark runes in stone, image by Anders Mejlvang from Pixabay

There are 3 forms of this rune set, each with a different number of runes, or characters:

  • Elder Futhark with 24 characters
  • Younger Futhark with 16 characters
  • Anglo-Saxon Futhorc with 33 characters

This pulling will use the Elder Futhark set. This particular set was primarily used from 100 A.D. to 800 A.D. while the younger was used farther on until the 1200’s. The sets stopped being a primary source of divination in Norway around the 1400’s. They have always had some magical connections, being used in charms and spell work in relation to the Norse god Odin.

The beginning of the pulls of Futhark runes

I decided that each day will be a one-pull for the runes as it is a daily pulling. This week will have days instead of dates, just to change things up a bit. It makes it easier for me in the future as some divination types will be used during different times.

For the references that I will be using, I will be getting the rune meanings from Two Wander. They have a good reference guide on runes and their meanings that are similar to what I found with Carrie Mallon’s tarot meanings. Of course, there are similar websites that do the same thing for rune sets, but since the rune meanings are always the same, one website is good enough.

Additionally, Two Wander has a meaning for reversed pulls, which I found to be an interesting take on runes. I never thought about a block pulled from the bag being upside down. It adds in more context about runes, although it could be added because tarot pulls also have a reverse meaning.

Day 1 –Uruz: ᚢ

For picking these runes, I decided to get the energy flowing within in the bag by just shaking it up a few times, asking the same question as my tarot set. This will ensure that the answer would be about the same. This rune for how my day is going depicts the ox or wild bull. It has keywords of preservation, strength, and endurance.

In accordance with my daily tarot reading, which was Temperance, it seemed to go hand in hand, but not in the way of balance. Temperance is about balance and moderation, so while they seem to compliment each other, it is not what I would say is an exact match.

Balance in the day.

By the end of the day, endurance and strength were key factors, as well as balance. With work, it was all about getting through the day with sinus issues from the spring coming. On top of this, there is some moderation that had to come to play as I was not exactly up to just coasting through the day. Both were very correct in the day assessment.

Day 2 – Kenaz: ᚲ

It has become very clear that I do not know how to really pick a way to pick the daily rune. I ended up changing how I pulled a rune out. Instead of just picking one out of the bag which allowed me to make the choice, I laid the bag on its side and the closest rune to the edge of the opening was picked. This is much different than tarot as you just flip a card.

This rune depicts the torch, which means enlightenment, finding the truth, and insight. In accordance with my tarot pull, the Daughter of Swords, the two types of divination definitely go hand in hand today. The Daughter of Swords deals with insight and honesty.

There was some enlightenment during the day as I was editing my website and needing to find resources and answers for certain aspects. It was spot on, and I figured this is what the rune meant when to state I need to find the truth. The answer isn’t always a spiritual and internal ordeal.

Day 3 – Ingwaz: ᛝ

I selected the rune the same as the day before. This one involves fertility, wellbeing, harmony, and loose ends to tie up. I hope this means an easy day for myself as it is my day off. For my tarot pull, I pulled The Empress, which is fairly similar. She emphasizes on self-care, according to Carrie Mallon. It is probably a good thing to state as I never really rest on my days off.

The harmony was off this day.

While there was some harmony in the day, the self-care was more on point. I did take it easy for the day, but it was mostly because the inspiration was sucked out of me. I couldn’t really write, research, or brainstorm. That may have been the point, but it was a little bit frustrating to not get some work done.

Day 4 – Eihwaz: ᛇ

Once again, the two divination types are a little too similar to be a coincidence. This rune, meaning “Yew”, speaks on inspiration and connection. It represents the tree of life, which can be either a Norse thing or a Celtic thing. Honestly, the tree of life is everywhere.

For my tarot pulled, I got a curious one, as I do not typically pull such low numbers. I pulled the 2 of pentacles, which delves into balance and flexibility. You may not think these two complement one another, but in my thought process, they do, especially in correlation to the day before.

My day was much more flexible than I previously had, with the ability to write, work, and relax. This typically does not happen as one item always gets left out with little time there is. I did gain some inspiration during the day, which led me to begin the News section of my website. So, all in all, it was a decent day.

Day 5 – Eihwaz: ᛇ

Either because of my inability to shake a bag or sheer coincidence, I got the Eihwaz rune again. I will take it, though, because it is what was pulled. I may have not been done from the previous day. In accordance with my tarot pull, I got the 6 of Swords, which was interesting to me. It states a bit of finalizing in an idea.

I did end up remembering my ideas later in the week.
I did end up remembering my ideas later in the week.

Both were very true as I was filled with inspiration throughout the day. I did manage, however, to forget to write down my ideas. This is something I definitely need to work on as one really worked well with a series. Oh, well. The two divination pulls were not as similar as the days before, but they seemed to work within one another.

After learning way too much about subdomains and changing the layout of the website for the final time to gain load speed, I had a very inspirational day that ended with some well-deserved relaxation. Writing about this after-the-fact has allowed me to really see what has been going on with my pulls and what they represent in my life.

Day 6 – Eihwaz: ᛇ

Well, after shaking the bag for a solid 20 seconds, turning it over and over, and slamming it down on the table for a better mix, I still got this rune. Now, I’ve gotten tarot pulls that repeated over a couple of days, but now I am getting a little bit embarrassed of my rune bag shaking technique. Either I’m very bad at it or way too good.

My tarot pull was, of course, different, but it was another 2, the 2 of Cups. I’m guessing it is a 2 month as a quarter of my monthly pulls so far have come from the number 2. This oddly happened last month as well, so I’m not too surprised. The 2 of Cups itself means connection and bonding. It mostly manages in connecting with other human beings.

Now, as much as these two are different, they may have some similarities, but the 2 of Cups is a much different pull than I typically get. Both did, though, have a role in my day. My inspiration was great, and I was slightly forced into connecting with others. On top of that, there was a bit of a circle-of-life situation that occurred at work.

Day 7 – Raidho: ᚱ

I finally got a new rune pull and it is an interesting one. This rune is all about journey and movement, with some inspirational motives. It is either physical or spiritual, but the evolution is still the same. I was excited about this one the second I realized what it meant because I pulled a very similar tarot card, the Ace of Wands.

The Ace of Wands is all about new beginnings, energy flow, and, of course, inspiration. I have quite a bit of that flowing around me this week and I welcome it. I have not had much inspiration coming into the month, and it is nice to be confirmed. Both manage very well in something that is new or upcoming and I am excited to see what that is.

Travel back to my bed, am I right?

Movement was the key to the day. While I didn’t travel but to a few places, I definitely got my steps in. This also gave me some horrendous back pain which I blame moving items and just being older than 25. The cards and runes themselves didn’t notate if they are negative or not, so take that as you will.


In helping compare runes with tarot pulls, I could notate any outliers that came across my path. Many of these were extremely similar to one another, but that could also be because both the cards and pulls are a little bit vague. It is more on looking back and seeing patterns, rather than looking at how my future will be.

Runes are a tricky one in their first week because they are so different from what I am used to using for divination. They may have the same concept, but picking a rune is more up to the picker than a tarot card pull. It has more free will with choosing a block out of a bag. That is why I did the method of just slamming the bag down sideways and pick the one closest to the opening of the bag.

It is still fascinating, but I probably won’t make it a daily occurrence to pull from the rune bag. We all have our favorites when it comes to divination. This week was all about renewal, which I didn’t exactly see until the end because of how crazy the week itself was. It allowed me to understand that not all pulls are for that day. Some go with their previous days to explain something further.

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