Ghosts Aren’t Real Yet and Why

ghosts aren't real
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This is a big joke about not really showing proof of a ghost existing, or an afterlife, or even another realm. We, as a species, haven’t seen a ghost yet. It’s been millennia and no soundproof method of looking for ghosts is found, stating that ghosts aren’t real. The stories having barely any proof, the proof could be falsified, and the technology is strange. Most folks believe in the afterlife, according to Roper, at a solid 67% in the U.S. on just Christian views.

On ghosts, on the other hand, the percentage is smaller at 57%, from People. With a group the size of a large high school, it could be much different on a larger scale. Either way, seeing a real ghost in major papers, news, or otherwise is not common. There must be a reason, right? Well, there are a few.

Debunking is major, thanks to the fakers

You do know the saying “we can never have nice things”. The fakers are a big reason why. Falsifying information has really taken a toll on believing those telling the truth. Thanks to those even filming falsifications (looking at you, that one Ghost Adventures episode), the real accounts are at their demise.

You could look through 100 pictures of paranormal sightings and never know what is real and what is fake. This is a huge concern to the ghost hunting community. Since the major ghost hunting organizations aren’t that major, getting these falsifications removed is impossible.

Ghosts aren't real. This is just a guy in a bedsheet.
Ghosts aren’t real. This is just a guy in a bedsheet.

This goes for major television networks as well. Faking on camera is not uncommon and some are caught doing so. One is a major television series. If they fake it once, no other evidence you can consider real. Faking evidence for clicks destroys all wellbeing of ghost hunting.

We haven’t seen a real ghost because of bad technology

As much as I would like to believe a ghost can talk through a radio channel, I just can’t see the science behind it. As a group that is humanity, stating that ghosts can communicate is just a theory. Additionally, you cannot fully debunk what you see through these channels because it is still a theory. Anyone who studied the scientific method would know that not everything works like it should, and not every hypothesis is true.

Now, when I say bad technology, I mean technology that hasn’t been fully tested to the extremes that it can. I have not seen anyone, so far at least, take an Ovilus into the sea and find out if it still does work with no buildings or major technology around. According to Anthropology News, there is some trouble with these devices as they are needed to create a story with the ghost, just a well to prove it exists.

Gadgets that could help with communication are expensive, new to the technological field, and have their own personal errors and bugs. Much like women and humors, science just isn’t there yet. Maybe in the future, there will be a piece of technology that can allow us to see the other side and communicate.

No one truly knows who they are talking to

You wonder why you haven’t seen a ghost in an old building or cemetery. You might be wanting to chat with your ancestors, but who you know isn’t there. This is a major issue with ghost hunting because who knows who is standing there with you. It is estimated that there have been about 117 billion people who have lived on this planet, and no one knows where their afterlife is.

A ghost, or someone trying to break in? Ghosts aren't real
A ghost, or someone trying to break in?

Furthermore, what we are talking to. No one truly knows what is on the ghost realm and you cannot assume that ghosts are the only ones who preside there. You may be screaming demons, but there are other paranormal creatures in the afterlife, and even ones we do not yet know of.

Your grandmother may not be your grandmother after they turn to the other side. In some cultures, like in parts of Thailand, ghosts do not exactly get a welcome back.

Many reasons why ghosts aren’t real and are based on time allotted

I’m sure many of you are reading this and have done some paranormal work. You may have assumed ghosts on a hunt, heard stories, watched them on television, or had personal encounters. Either way, the times are not with us just yet to talk to ghosts. While technology is getting better and our own understanding of science is brighter, it still hasn’t reached the point where we can truly speak to the otherworldly.

If you have issues with making ghosts a real thing or to debunk them, realize that technology is new to humans. If we ever survive to get there, there is a good chance we will find our answers in the future. That is why we haven’t seen a real ghost yet. If anything, ask your local parapsychologist.

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