Bigfoot: The Spectrum of the Sasquatch

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Like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot is seen in many different areas of the world. As you look at the paranormal creatures of each continent, it has become apparent that there is some overlap in major creature types. There are some major creature types that repeat in multiple cultures, societies, and eras. This would be typical because you can only have so many creatures out there, but it is fascinating seeing as these cultures may have never met.

This includes Bigfoot, a massive furry creature that is seen mostly in North America. There are shows, movies, documentaries, and books on this one creature. There are photographs, firsthand accounts, old tales, new stories, everything. This creature is probably the most popular paranormal creature on the planet. I would say even more so than the typical witch, vampire, or dragon.

Pike's Peak Statue of Bigfoot
Pike’s Peak Statue of Bigfoot in Colorado

This is because this is one creature. Bigfoot can be seen as a one-off monster to a family to a small species unknown to the main world. The biggest fascination with these creatures is that they are really all over the world. This creature is truly a global phenomenon.

Bigfoot in different continents

Say what you will about any other paranormal creature, Bigfoot is literally everywhere. I started my paranormal creature series looking at the Loch Ness Monster having a type in every continent, but Bigfoot has been seen on a smaller scale, multiple times. Looking at the continents, Bigfoot has been seen in the following continents on some spectrum:

Now, there are others in each continent. These are the bigger ones that you can easily research on and find more information on. Obviously, there is no Bigfoot cousin in Antarctica. If you are wondering, I will do a Paranormal Creatures of Antarctica. There are paranormal creatures there, surprisingly.

Does the Bigfoot have a lineage to line these creatures up?

The best answer is that we do not know just yet. The 3 western hemisphere has some correlations, but there is no real lineage or timeline just yet. There are theories, like Gigantopithecus blacki who roamed around nearly 2 million years ago, but that is one theory. Another theory is that some form of North American Bigfoot was seen about 15,000 years ago, but this one is very controversial.

Bigfoot illustration
Bigfoot illustration

Staying in North America as it contains the most information on Bigfoot, the timeline is much closer to present day. Of course, there is a better idea of how Bigfoot came to be on a world scale. There is an actual timeline for these events, starting back at 4503 B.C. This still doesn’t make them the oldest creature as that goes to the giant, but it is still pretty significant.

I would say, though, that the timeline should end around 4900 B.C., as that drawing is more trusting than the theory of the Sabe petroglyph. As always, though, I am going to argue this.

Where is the real start of Bigfoot?

Looking at this notable timeline, I decided to see what exactly the real start of Bigfoot started. Now, you can argue that a picture of a massive creature in a cave is suitable for some. With research of this caliber, you need to follow how paranormal testimonies need to go.

  1. There must be a story, cultural connection, or other connection to the people
  2. An artifact, drawing, or significant item to include the creature
  3. Actual scientific, peer-reviewed papers, firsthand accounts, and confirmations

With these 3, I would point out that you would only need 2 points to confirm a paranormal creature in a timeline, but they must include a date. Otherwise, it is just another SCP monster that I get to allow into my nightmares.

Anyways, let’s talk about the Sabe petroglyph. It does, in fact, have a story and a drawing. It should be included in the timeline, but the year itself is unknown. This is because it is in a site that is not to be disturbed. Because of this, I will not add it as the oldest depiction until a set time is given.

  • hair man bigfoot
  • bigfoot head

The Hairy Man petrograph in California

The Bigfoot Project has information on this petrograph, but as their site is not secure, visit it at your own risk. Otherwise, it talks of the Hairy Man petrograph and how it represents an adult male and female Bigfoot with a youngling. Now, as much as I love this discovery, it is the only discovery on the internet.

This isn’t the greatest confirmation of Bigfoot, but I’ll take it as a work in progress, much like the Sabe petrograph. With more research, this can all change, but this piece of art will be the oldest confirmed time of Bigfoot, at least in North America.

The Sasquatch Stone Head in Oregon

While the other two have limited resources, this artifact is the real deal. It has multiple sources, major studies, but does not have a true dating. It was discovered in the 1800’s, but the timeline site itself is the only one that says it is so old.

Nothing states it is older than the 1800’s. It most likely is, but without true cardon dating, you would never know.

The true start of the timeline of Bigfoot

I will not go through all the rest because once you get into the A.D., it is all encounters. There are some other petrographs, but from 170 B.C. to the 1st century A.D., there is an explosion of encounters. These were either seen as misinterpretation of locals, like in Leif Erikson’s case, or unverified ones, like with Samuel De Champlain.

In all honestly, Bigfoot’s reign really should have started around this time as it has artifacts, multiple encounters, and testimonies, and has cultural connections. The only difference with this and other paranormal creatures, is that they are spread out. The timeline of Bigfoot is truly a messy one and if there is a cleaner timeline out there, I would love to see it.

If you ask about the other creature types, they are just as rocky from their own timelines. The yeti still only starts in the late 1800’s. The Yowie starts in the late 1700’s. The Sisimito starts in the 1850’s and the Otang doesn’t even have a solid timeline. It is unfortunate, but that is where the research for Bigfoot is at currently.

Where is the sasquatch?

They are everywhere around the world. They exist in some form spanning the globe. When they started, no one really knows but I’m going to put it around 2,000 years ago, plus or minus about 4,000 years. Their timeline is truly an enigma, but I’m sure, with time and research, we will know more.

bigfoot social distance
They truly are.

I would love for there to be more research on the older petroglyphs, but that is out of my control. I do think they have teeth in the timeline, though. The verification with more cultural influences and carbon dating will give Bigfoot the true spectrum of life that it deserves. If we can do it with other paranormal creatures, why not the one who can fill the biggest shoes?

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