A Spotlight on the Leaders of the Paranormal

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Let’s face it, there are people who sit at the throne of the paranormal. These leaders have aided in creating a brand new or revitalized version of something that we view as mystic. From Bigfoot to fairies, there is always someone at the helm tinkering away at their stardom. Of course, we will get to the big leaders of the paranormal first.

Bigfoot leader, John Green

Bigfoot could be considered paranormal or very normal depending on who you talk to. Of course, in this situation, he/they will be considered the former. Bigfoot became an idea in 1958, when Andrew Genzoli decided to make a joke out of some footprints in Bluff Creek, California.

While there are many documentaries out there that establish, or at least attempt to, a familiarity with Bigfoot, the leader is one that everyone knows about. His name is John Green, and he has lived in the woods for most of his adult life. He started documenting Bigfoot in the 1970’s and by the 1990’s, his documentations were set in the largest collection of Bigfoot discoveries.

There are more notable documents in the modern time, such as the Patterson-Gimlin film that was shot in 1968 in California. Equally having great documentation, they aren’t exactly at leadership status just yet.

Ghost hunting leaders, Zak Bagans

You can argue this one all day long, but the dramatic Zak has stationed himself as the leader of the ghost hunting world. It could be because of the massive amounts of seasons that Travel Channel has approved of, or just be as  simple as the locations that they go to. Either way, Zak, and the crew lead in ghost hunting.

The show stars Zak, his trusty buddy Aaron Goodwin, along with Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley. Nick Groff used to be in the show but left for… reasons. I won’t assume. While other shows did emerge before and after the show Ghost Adventures, they stayed lively and on air. I’m not sure there is another ghost hunting show that has been on as long as they have.

Additionally, they also have enough side shows to keep anyone entertained, including Zak’s haunted museum, which is currently ranked at #1 for museums of the type. The show premiered in 2008 on Travel Channel, but they had a documentary that came out in 2007. They are now on their 22nd season.

Witch leader, Gerard Gardner

I know and you know that witches aren’t exactly paranormal, which is why I would station them more mystic, but they still have that supernatural state to them. While witches have been all over the world for thousands of years, they do have a recent leader.

While Gerard Gardner didn’t invent witches, he sure did revitalize them. As much as we can give thanks to others in the field, Gardner was the start of the Wiccan revolution. But how did this start?

Witchcraft illustration by Ann_Milovidova, for gerard Gardner, leaders of the paranormal
Witchcraft illustration by Ann_Milovidova 

Well, Gardner states that in 1939, he was invited to a ceremony where everyone was naked whispering “Wicca”. But before that, he learned about witchcraft through his love for research. He invested his search deep into tribal magic.

In 1949, he published his first book, High Magic’s Aid, which was not well receipted because, you know,

witchcraft = evil in the 1940’s.

He kept writing and it aided in the rebirth of the witch. Nowadays, witches are everywhere.

Vampire leader, Vlad the Impaler

Vlad gets a lot of talk about the destruction he left in his path, but the vampire ordeal is a fun one to think about. Vlad the Impaler was not really a vampire, but his influence from the 15th century makes him their leader. This guy was cruel to anyone who opposed him.

He lifted his enemies on spikes, sometimes when they were still alive. Moreover, it is reported that he may have consumed their blood in a variety of ways.

Vampire illustration, leaders of the paranormal
Vampire illustration

This brought some nice influence on who we know now as Count Dracula, a character made by Bram Stoker. Vlad was never formally known as the Impaler until after his death, but he sure did cater to the spike when it came to his enemies.

While many of his stories aren’t exactly from witnesses of his atrocities, his greater impact brought how we see the modern vampire because of the stories made from his rule, and that includes all stories written after his death.

Demon hunting leader, Lorraine Warren

I tell you this, I believe that we would not know as much as we do now about the paranormal without Ed and Lorraine Warren. Coupled with her husband, Lorraine set out to rid families of demonic presences, keeping us all on our toes about what lurks in the shadows.

While the findings have some issues with them, the two did not faulter in their findings. While Ed was the ghost hunter, Lorraine was the medium and she overtakes the spot in demons.

Now, demons and ghosts are obviously separate things, which is why I put them both on this list, but not as the same. You see that what Ghost Adventures discovers is much different than what the Warrens dealt with, no matter how many demons have shown up in recent seasons.

There are more leaders out there, but they are quite fictional compared to those on this list or just can’t be deemed leaders. While there is technically a leader to the fairies, there is a difference on whether Gervase of Tilbury is the leader of fairies or if she was just the first one to write about them.

If you have any leaders of the paranormal ideas, leave a comment on who or whom they could be.

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