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While I procrastinate getting more divination objects, I decided to do something fun and tried out a month of tarot. With the chaotic helping that was January of 2022, I decided to document my tarot findings with, of course, Microsoft Excel. With the formulas, I created a replicable sheet to understand how tarot shaped my month.

Additionally, this allows a continued opportunity for each month to have specified information to be taken from it. This includes major and minor arcana pulls, number pulls, and most pulls. This is to see if there is a pattern in the pulls themselves over the course of the month. This is much more straightforward than adding in statistics for other types of divination as card pulls have simple probability.

For this, I did use the same deck and websites for my week of tarot. I still did a shuffle in either the morning or the evening and pulled one card. Along with each pull, at the end of the day, I put in a rating of 1-10 (low is 1, high is 10) to show how well the card helped with the day.

The rating of tarot pulls

I figured that the card pulls would not be perfect, so the rank is set as:

1-3: Not ideal for the day

4-7: Made sense at a possible point in the day

8-10: Perfectly set up the day or describes it

This allows a floor and a ceiling to each feeling about the day. The card pulls averaged to 7.29 for the month, with the lowest day at 3 and the highest at 9. A description of the day was added for justification for the ranking. That I won’t show you, but the ranking itself I will.

Tarot sheet for the month of January, month of tarot
Tarot sheet for the month of January

Each description was taken from either Biddy Tarot or Carrie Mallon as a reference for later, especially if the card showed up again. One kept showing up, the 6 of wands, which forced me to look further in the meaning itself. It still doesn’t make full sense, but it was only a month.

The statistics of a month of tarot

What was obvious in the pulls is that the major arcana was very prominent, most likely because of how many of the cards there are. Biddy Tarot states that major arcana pulls can represent life changing situations, which haven’t really been accurate for the month of January. It could be speaking of things to happen in February, but we will see about that.

January tarot statistics, month of tarot
January tarot statistics

Yes, I am attempting a year of tarot. Daily tarot. I’m surprised I got so far without forgetting a day. I did lose track of time in the mornings and for a third of the month, I pulled at night to tell me how day went. This can give insight to situations you may not have seen in the moment. I also continued to document dreams, but they didn’t have much insight with tarot.

The positive and negative of tarot meanings

With these pulls, there was a question on how the day would go, but the card usually gives a gray area, but it ends up making sense to the situation. For example, I pulled the Chariot twice in a row. This card represents obstacles, control, and lack of willpower. For those two days, I didn’t really understand this until the end of the second day.

What it means is that there isn’t much of a positive of negative to the card, but an explanation to the meaning of the pull. If the death card is pulled, it doesn’t mean someone will die. It is a representation of an explanation. This is what I gathered from a month of tarot.

Are card pulls worth it to do for a month?

I’ve learned so much about the divination type and how some react to certain cards. See bits and keywords of a card doesn’t scratch the surface of the meaning it has. It allowed me to look deeper into tarot and divination. Each pull requires so much more than just a quick shuffle when you’re half awake.

The Empress in tarot.
The Empress in tarot, photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

Not every card may be incredibly specific, but they give a good idea of the day. There were negative and positive pulls. From what I typically see with tarot readings, there are always positives with no negatives. This is alongside fortune telling in general, where the general idea is that the cards only give positive signs.

I did not have this issue with the cards. It was a healthy mix of positive, negative, and neutral pulls. They were nothing like how media assumes tarot readings are like. It was much like unfolding a story with each page of a book. While I wouldn’t recommend daily pulls with no research beforehand, I would recommend learning about it.

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