A Ghost Story: My First Ghost Sighting

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If you can guess it from the title, I have finally found my first ghost. It was not one that I expected, but here we are. This will be a short ghost story on how my coworkers, and I found out that we, in fact, have a ghost at our work location. It all started a few weeks ago when we were getting some strange things happening around the business.

Now, I am not going to tell you where I work, but it is in retail. So, you can just imagine your basic retail store. I will add this one involves mannequins, so be prepared if you don’t like them.

The start of the ghost story

It began with the alarms. Now, as much as I love a good adrenaline kick and some logic, these alarms do not make sense to any of us. The first was a fire door, which may or may not have had a bad battery. It went off when no one was there (i.e., middle of the night), so it could have very well been a bad battery. The reason this may not make sense is because both fire doors get their batteries around the same time.

How I imagine the ghost in this ghost story.
How I imagine the ghost in this ghost story.

The second alarm was one where the cops showed up. It was a panic alarm. Now, we don’t know if we bumped it a few times or not, but the panic button is not an easy one to hit mistakenly. We got to explain to the cops that no one was panicking, but it was strange.

At this time, we were hearing noises in the back that couldn’t have been explained. This includes talking and shuffling around, but we boiled it down to the building being a building. Sometimes they just make noises.

And then there were two witnesses

I had joked around about there being a ghost in the building, and thus, named him Jerry. One fateful day about a week ago, things started to get physical with Jerry. The other girls had heard noises in the back, including the talking by this time. It was unnerving to be there alone at times. There were days when nothing happened and others where it was just an explosion of happenings.

We got another alarm, but this time, it was an alarm that was not possible to hit or bump. It required actual codes. This did not make sense to any of us, and the cops eventually laughed it off as we did. If you are wondering if someone physically is there with us doing this, we discussed it, but is not possible in that type of building.

The day of just pure chaos

Items were moved, a secured mannequin fell from their rack, and the radio kept losing its signal. This all happened in one day. If anything strange happens, we now blame it on Jerry. Now, you may be thinking that this day of events was nothing, but it was bizarre as it has never happened before. Things just don’t move on their own.

Think of these mannequins but hanging, ghost story
Think of these mannequins but hanging.

We all discussed what we have experienced as a group, and it was definitively a ghost haunt. Either one of us or the store itself was being haunted. We decided that trying some ghost hunting would be silly, so don’t expect anyone to pull out equipment or call a show. We do joke about it, though.

The final straw in the ghost story

A new installment occurred with the Jerry ghost. I have not experienced this myself, but two of my co-workers have. Apparently, they will get a whiff of heavy cigarette smoke in one spot of the store. It will waiver for a bit and then go away.

Now, we do have one co-worker who smokes, but they were not there at that time, nor were they there the day before. There was no one in the store at the time. Both co-workers experienced this and concluded that the ghost was a smoker.

I checked some websites with the dead in the area but didn’t find anything. I do live in a town that is full of people dying in terrible ways, so it really could be anyone. The name Jerry is a stand in until we figure out more, but it does feel like a male ghost. I don’t know how to explain that one, but it feels like a man.

As the ghost sighting goes on, the ghost story continues

I don’t know what else Jerry will do, but he is still hanging around. Hopefully, he will chill out a bit as I think he is just an excited new ghost, or just one that likes to mess with us. After giving him a name, his antics did not change.

If anything, it allows us to lessen the fear by blaming the unknown on an entity with a name. Somehow the name gives us a little more power in the situation of the unknown. So, I suppose if you are fearful of anything, give it a name.

What are your first ghost stories?

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