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Some places are downright haunted. There is plenty of explanation as to why they are these places full of paranormal activity exist. It could be that there were many violent deaths, trauma, or just simply, a portal. Some locations I have debunked in the past, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t haunted places out there.

I will say, many of these places are famous for their haunts. They have appeared on countless ghost hunting shows and some, in movies. I have not been to any of these places, but you can really understand how haunted they are by the sheer amount of evidence by so many investigators.

Some, though, need more screen time to show exactly how haunted they truly are. And there will be no cemeteries in this post, and you should know why by now. But, of course, if you are new, I’ll explain. Unless there is a massively haunted area beside said cemetery, it isn’t considered haunted.

Cemeteries are already full of the dead and that is just them having an unfair advantage. Paranormal activity sightings shouldn’t come from a place where the dead are laid to rest.

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Do you even have to ask about this one? This prison has been on television more times than a Friends rerun. It has been investigated by countless investigators. This place is known as the most expensive prison in the world and has enough deaths in it to be considered a cemetery. You can even get a tour of the prison and it, as most strange places do, has a gift shop.

Eastern State Penitentiary
Eastern State Penitentiary, image from Carol M. Highsmith, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

I can’t make fun of this since the USS North Carolina has a gift shop. The Paris catacombs have a gift shop. Everything has a gift shop.

It housed Al Capone for a time of 8 months, according to Travel Channel. Inmates died from disease and, not surprisingly, old age. Death row is not quick, kids. There were even torture-like punishments, which begs the question: can the dead even leave a place like this?

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, Kentucky

When I say this place has been investigated thoroughly, I mean it. 7 shows alone on Discovery Channel covered Waverly Hills. Some of these shows did it twice over, like Ghost Hunters Classic. Me being the fan that I am of ghost hunting shows, I watched a couple just to see if there are any similarities.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Waverly Hills, image from Kris Arnold, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

While the shadow figures are prominent in the sanatorium, the amount of documentation about the area is insane. Being a home of tuberculosis, the sanitorium has enough evidence to be slightly different each time. Strangely enough, the shadow figures are the only thing that carries through each show.

The entirety of Ireland

Much like Louisiana, Ireland is surprisingly more haunted than any of its neighbors. England and Scotland have their few haunted locations, but these are typically just one or two ghosts poking around a castle. There is the Loftus Hall which is said to be the home of Satan himself and houses many ghosts in its halls.

ireland paranormal activity
Ireland, image by Howard Walsh from Pixabay

The Leamaneh Castle is the home of the spirit of Red Mary, a possible killer of husbands and servants alike. It is said to be incredibly haunted to this day. I wish this place was investigated more because the stories behind it are fascinating. There are many more and most focus around a few ghosts in castles, forests, and areas in general. Many of these are from the Middle Ages.

Château de Fougeret, France

I did a “Where Are the Haunted Now” on France last year and this castle was bizarre to me. It has many documents on children crying and running around the place. The rooms are a bit basic for names, but they include the Usher’s room, which contains a murder with an axe. Dolls are scattered around the building to invite ghosts to hang out. There are pictures of many different apparitions standing in windows and hallways.

de Fougeret, paranormal activity
de Fougeret, image from Anthospace, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Researching this place just made the hair on my body stand up. It was one of the creepier places that I’ve looked into. You can even stay there for a night if you’re that curious.

Witch Island of Szeged, Hungary

This one is also known as Boszorkánysziget and has the story of witches being executed. Witches have always had it rough in history. I’ve also done a Hungary video for the same playlist and this place really does not get enough love with its history. A man named Daniel Rozsa was blamed for selling rain to the Turks in the 1700’s for 7 years. It followed with many convicted and 12 burned at the stake on the island.

Depiction of witchcraft in paranormal activity
Depiction of witchcraft.

People have seen smoke on the island and even some feel very uneasy around it. There have been many reports of hearing people who aren’t there. Even worse, during the interrogations, more died from the torture they were given and haunt the surrounding area.

The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

You honestly can’t expect me to talk about one of the creepiest things I’ve ever looked at on a screen. I outright refuse to ever visit this island because of how haunted it truly is. The story is of a girl who died on the island and, as a result, haunts the place. There are dolls placed everywhere that either she haunts, or those that come in haunt. I’m talking spirits, people.

island of the dolls
Esparta Palma, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The origin story itself is questioned as the caretaker is the only one who can tell the story. He was the one who found the girl and the first doll. You can’t ask him though because he died in 2001. This island has been on many ghost-hunting shows and while dolls are really disturbing, the island is a fairly peaceful place.

What are your chosen places full of paranormal activity?

Yes, there are many other places that are extremely haunted, but that is for a different time. These are the areas of ghost paranormal activity as demons, elementals, and the like need a separate list. You cannot expect them to all be on one list.

The paranormal activity in these areas is from different time periods, which gives yet another look into how these areas have become a beacon to the dead. It would be interesting to see one of old and one of slightly new beside one another to see if the haunts every intermingle.

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