3 Ways for You to Lead Meditation into Divination

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I’ve been doing research on divination types for a while and came across a posting about how meditation is used with divination. Of course, I cannot find the website anymore, but I will keep looking. I will refresh this post if I ever find it. One day, I will find the website again. However, I did find a few more postings online that give the same reasoning. There are so many instances where meditation into divination is used.

I found it. It was during my witch’s history research from a while back.

Anyways, meditation is a powerful tool, and it aids in so many ways. Not just a use for the occult, it can relieve stress, help you focus, and keep your mind clear. While I spent some time in therapy many moons ago, I was told to try out meditation. It was one of the more difficult things I’ve tried, but I would start it again.

It takes a certain kind of power to just sit in a spot and focus on certain things. Meditation can last for 2 minutes or 30, depending on what you want to accomplish. My mind tries to get me up and doing something more “useful” than sitting, so it was a challenge.

I do not think I will ever master meditation. But we will start with some history of meditation and divination.

A short history of both meditation and divination

Meditation has a religious history

It is the base of many religions and practices. Meditation comes from the Latin term meditatum, which means ‘to ponder’, which makes sense. It can also mean ‘to engage in mental contemplation’. How meditation works is to focus on something internal or external and exclusively that. Meditation gains power with being able to master focus, essentially.

This practice is the oldest form of the occult that I have discovered in my time of research. It estimates to be, at the most, 7,000 years old, possibly starting around 5,000 to 3,500 B.C. It beats out vampires and witches in terms of comparing to anything occult. There is documentation for a 1,500 B.C. timeline as there was scripture found about meditation in India.

Furthermore, according to Psychology Today, there are many religions that use this practice. Some include “hitbodedut” for Judaism, Sufism for Islam, and Zen for Buddhism. There are many others, but these are some of the more mainstream ways. It is now seen in the Western world with spirituality and focus.

Divination’s history is roughly the same, just branched

The website Faena has a clearer sense of how divination began. Because there are so many types of divination, I will go into some basic types just to make it easier. They speak of sand divination in the Middle East and works of I Ching. I Ching was published around the 9th century B.C., so divination will start with being around 2,800 to 2,900 years old.

Since sand divination started in ancient times, it could be as old as 6-7,000 B.C. Divination could be much older than meditation. Tarot, on the other hand, is much younger with the first cards only showing up in Europe in the 1400’s. Astrology sits in the middle, coming into the timeline at 2,000 B.C., so around 4,000 years ago. Scrying is around as old as astrology, being around 3,800 years old at the oldest.

Practices like divination could have occurred before their namesake appeared. Just like with vampires who were sometimes referred to as demons as they got older, there is a moment when divination was something else. So, to keep the timeline as the most accurate, I’ll shave off a couple thousand years. This would make divination about the same age as meditation.

Have the two ever met in history?

That question is one that I had some trouble finding as the timelines got older. In fact, I could not find a timeline at all. While some religions, Buddhism and Taoism, have some interactions with both, I could not find if they were used together. Buddhists did meditate often and had some divination practices, like Mo.

Meditation into divination by Okan Caliskan
Meditation by Okan Caliskan

Taoism brought both in, but one of the world’s oldest books, I Ching, does not mix the two as much as I would like. I Ching was written around 1,000 B.C. This could make the possible mix of meditation and divination around 3,000 years ago. Even though it does not deliberately focus the two into one, it gives the best mixture.

I mix these two together as they were around the same time and Taoism has references from the I Ching. Confucianism did the same thing, as well.

The ways that these two complement one another

There are probably more ways, but I am sticking to 3, as both of these practices have some crazy history, and I don’t want to dive too far into the rabbit hole. The ways are very basic, but you see that there is always more detail. The ways are those of grounding, centering, and expulsion.

Now, how do these help with divination? Well, certain divination tactics require more/less focus than usual. You can pull a tarot card 6 ways to Sunday and not really get a clear answer if you aren’t in that right mindset. It is a more spiritual connection that might be required to get a better answer to your question.

Now, this may seem all untested and a bunch of falsifications, and scientifically, it is. But, there are some studies that show that if you believe in something optimistically, it does aid in health and hindsight. If you don’t believe in these things, you’ll still get some entertainment learning about them, as meditation is used in many other ways.


Grounding is focusing your energies onto the Earth. I know, it sounds crazy and definitely something Nikolas Tesla tried at some point. You can also “absorb” energy, so just the opposite. It does have benefits, though. If you are too distracted by the outside world, like me, this is a great way to share those energies.

I have tried this before and the thought of my own energies being shared with the ground below me really helped my mind clear out. It was a very beneficial part in releasing anxiety. If you are one of those people who cannot release anxious feelings, I really recommend this type of meditation.

Astrology numbers, meditation into divination
Astrology numbers

Using it with divination, I can see how it can bring a clearer answer. You are more focused on the situation at hand. I can see this method being used in divination types that are more hands-on.

  • Tarot reading
  • Scrying
  • Astragalomancy
  • Runes

While I am not an expert in this by any means, using the energy or releasing energy does make sense if you are trying to find a certain answer that requires no distractions.


Centering may be the easiest to do out of all of these because it is internal. Just like the name says, you bring energy into yourself to a certain spot and keep it there. This would be great for those who need to overcome a situation or anxiety.

I have never used this method and it might not even be a viable use in meditation anymore. This is more of a redirection of energy than sharing it. In terms of divination, it has the same use as grounding does, but may have more of a direct or stronger response. There are other forms that base centering on focusing your mind, like the Japanese martial art of aikido.

This way is much about finding inner peace and power within yourself. Centering has a great use if you really need to gain insight on an answer and has a few uses in divination.

  • Scrying
  • Ambulomancy
  • Bone Reading
  • Dowsing


This one evokes the saying ‘easier said than done’, but it does have great uses. I do not remember the actual term for it in meditation practices, but in short, it is releasing energy. While grounding shares and centering, well, centers energy, expulsion gets rid of it all. It is, in short, the hardest form of the 3 to do. This is because it involves you losing control over certain aspects.

While the original website I got this blog idea from is different, it did make me wonder as to why we do not have expulsion meditation. It does sound strange but letting go of unnecessary thought is phenomenal. The practice, though, is extremely difficult.

The practice is very similar to resting in awareness.

Author Paul O’ Brien has this idea in mind as well, but he calls it “letting go mediation”. It does sound better. But he speaks of letting go while meditating to avoid overthinking. If a thought pops up, rather than bottling it or setting it somewhere, you will let it fly away.

In terms of divination, it has many ways of helping you rid of thoughts that don’t need to be in the situation. This is helpful in most types of divination as some doubt can change the outcome of a reading. Stress can definitely harm a reading as well as anxiety. Without a clear mind, there could be a chance where you aren’t getting a direct answer.

Now you can go out and do what you want with the two

Meditation is a great practice to have in your everyday life. In this day and age, there is so much more to think about and so much has been going on. You may not have or know of the tools to help in certain situations where meditation can be of help.

For divination, it is something that I have researched for a while now, and as I don’t have much insight to it, it seems like a tool that may be useful for the unsure. It isn’t a part of something bad or evil. It is fortune telling using items or natural phenomenon.

Ghost reaching out to woman, meditation into divination
Ghost reaching out to woman

Nostradamus was a famous seer in the 1500’s and he was Catholic. Many of his predictions, using some parts of divination, came true. In fact, he used water scrying and meditation. I’m not saying yours will, but there is some possibility out there. It’s not a grand one, though, so you can use divination as a tool for insight.

To recap, meditation is friends with divination

While the two can live apart forever, they are extremely useful together. I think that wanting a certain outcome to occur is what drives people to hate divination. While it isn’t scientifically proven and you cannot find a reasonable explanation as to how it works, divination has uses in the world. It isn’t a lost ancient art form.

It can help be at peace with a situation that you are stuck in. The practice itself can be calming as it is a form of fortune telling. Certain answers could have some insight and give birth to new ideas. What you see in media typically isn’t how divination works. It takes practice.

Erin Branham from Getty has a great view on divination at how it does all of the above things and more. Branham states that divination gives you more options than you might have thought before, which is a great outlook. Having meditation around this idea allows you to have some control over what you may feel about it.

For those believers of divination

If you do really believe in divination, it may help you focus on what you truly want, not want you want the outcome to be. If you get the answer you weren’t expecting, meditation may have helped with what you were looking for. It is something I have really thought about trying just to see what would happen, but it would take some time to get back into meditation tactics.

Meditation has a ton of uses and manipulating your energies to get a stronger outcome is beneficial. If your curiosity is piqued, it doesn’t hurt to try both out and see what the future could bring. You never know what your mind has in store for you.

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