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Okay, humor me with this question. We are always seeking out the haunted with an already explained experience in trying to find the unknown, gain more knowledge, etc., etc. But why do ghosts exist with us? Is there any explanation of why this happens? You can find an EVP or account for seeing shadows in the corner of your eye as a ghostly spirit, but why do these things exist? You get the idea.

I’ve done some extensive research on this and have found that we just simply don’t know. There are hundreds of theories, so why not see what has the most tests conducted and has the most scientific accountability.

This blog posting is going to get a little supernatural and will cover multiple religions, so keep an open mind about what others see. There are some major similarities that you may not have noticed before. So, jump in with some ways that ghost hunters think ghosts come in.

 Ley Lines

You’ve probably heard of these before. They are invisible lines that are electromagnetic and have been known to connect major historical artifacts. Alfred Watkins wrote a book about them in 1921 and it is now believed that many ancient buildings were built on them, like Stonehenge and Machu Pichu. Now, ley lines are not scientific. In fact, scientists do not care for these lines and do not see a point in them. There are ley line experts, but the lines tend to move with their discoveries, making them a bit unpredictable.

Ley Lines from Manchester's Finest f why ghosts exist
Ley Lines from Manchester’s Finest

We have seen ley lines with the Ancient Ram Inn, which supposedly has some crazy haunts from multiple cultures. In ghostly ley line communities, points interacting with one another are considered a possible major plot point in ghost activity.

These lines can also manage to cause the body to react as though it was touching electricity. These bodily reactions can be as follows:

Ley lines show how ghosts exists

In culture, ley lines have been a curious idea to those who want to explain them. In Manchester, England, there is a wonder if these lines made music and art more prevalent because of a massive intersection with two lines, and some smaller lines around the city.

Ley lines can be seen with a map but can also be pinpointed with dowsing rods. A dowsing rod is a “Y” shaped object typically used for finding water. During one of my ghost walks, they offered dowsing classes, but I do not remember what their reasoning was. They can apparently be used to find ley lines somehow, with either the rods crossing one another or if it goes in a certain direction.

In terms of religion, ley lines can be loosely seen in Christianity and a variety of Pagan religions.

Now, with these in accordance with ghosts, it seems that ghosts tend to venture towards these lines because of the energy which possibly strengthens their ability to do things on the physical realm. It was brought into this culture to believe that there is something nearly magical about ley lines and will be continued to be studied.


If you have ever seen Portals to Hell, you will know what this next area entails. The portal from one realm to another. Ghosts, demons, and otherworldly beings have been seen, documented, or theorized to come out of these holes in the walls. That is how I see them. Like in Beetlejuice where they make a door to the underworld.

Now, researching this one was tough because of all the culture that has divulged itself into them. Amongst the two I just told you about, Paranormal Activity has a mention as well as Poltergeist.

Poltergeist from Glamour, why ghosts exist
Poltergeist from Glamour

I did not expect such massive influence in my search engine for why ghosts exist.

Changing my keywords around, I found an article discussing other dimensions, an interview with physicist Lisa Randall. She states that other dimensions (think 3D) exist within a fraction and could result in another universe. This could be a discovery that could lead to the possibility of a portal being discovered within our universe. Earlier in 2021, they did find a possibility of a 5th dimension, which could lead to other “dimensions” and we could see a portal to that. It is all above my head, physics-wise, but it is fascinating.

Aztec mirror portal from Ancient Origins, explaining why ghosts exist
Aztec mirror portal from Ancient Origins

It is also theorized that mirrors can allow spirits and whatnot through to our plane. You’ve probably seen this in movies like Mirrors or Candyman. The study of mirrors as portals goes way back to the Mesoamerican times. I’m talking 2,000 B.C. and they used mirrors for divination. There aren’t our types of mirrors, though. It is more like shiny metals and stones. Modern mirrors weren’t invented until 1835 by Justus Von Liebig.

Portals and pentagrams

There is a whole section of portals and pentagrams, but it was more on how to use them than why they are used. From my own research (I have a Cultural Anthropology degree; I did study religion and witchcraft in college), pentagrams are not inherently good or evil. They are a tool, much like a hammer is to a nail and that lovely new shed you keeping adding on to. With this knowledge, any portal is a tool and is used either in a good or bad way.

How they are used determines their means, but media does use them for more Satanic rituals. Also, there are many subcultures of Satanism, so think more Anton LaVey and less Satanic Temple.

In terms of other religions, just think of a religion and they have used portals in one way or another.


Same as portals, if the religion exists, there is summoning. Summoning ghosts really started with religion. Some call on to their ancestors for advice like in many Pagan religions while Taoists and Buddhists have a festival for them. The method I will be talking about precisely is evocation, not invocation. This isn’t about control or possession; it is about calling an actual spirit to have a chat with.

Summoning can be done is so many ways, such as:

  • The Ouija board
  • Mirrors, again
  • A call to the spirit
  • Divination tools such as tarot cards, scrying, and candles
  • Rituals that have been followed to call upon spirits

There are many ways to get this ball rolling, but I wouldn’t be a good online person without a disclaimer.

Don’t use any of these methods without research. You don’t know what could happen.

But summoning ghosts is standard, and we have seen it in media over and over. Most of the time, a group of teenagers will call upon a demon or zombie killer family, and then they all get murdered for being too curious.

Movies carry much of summoning things because it can be aesthetically pleasing to the movie goer’s eye and there are a dozen different ways to do it. It has become a widely known staple in horror culture, and anyone with a camera and access to movie effects editing could create something spooky.

Witch of Endor from Time, explaining why ghosts exist
Witch of Endor from Time

In Christianity, the Bible states of a woman called the witch of Endor, a woman who may have called the spirit of Samuel for King Saul who was worried about an upcoming battle. King Saul did not have a good outcome with that experience.

In the Islamic religion, there is the possibility of summoning a Jinn, but it is a big no-no. Some types of summoning are okay in the Islamic culture, like “ruqyah“, a way to heal of negative ailments or feelings.

And you really shouldn’t do any of these without research, first.

I’m not kidding. There are thousands of websites out there telling you how to get ghosts here. Don’t do it unless you know what you are doing.

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