The Best Horror Movies for Summer

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While it is blasting heat outside, you tend to spend more time indoors. This means that you’ll probably be spending much of it in front of a screen. It makes a good time to look into the best horror movies for the summertime. If you are like me and live in a place where the heat is intense this time of year, you’ll enjoy watching some movies that remind you of the summer without being in the heat.

I’ve been watching a few different scary movies during the summer since they aren’t all catered to Halloween or the fall. These movies are not all catered to the summer season, but they do bring the heat when it comes to being frightened. I have seen so many horror movies that finding new ones are just beyond difficult, especially ones that surround themselves with the right season or mood.

So, here are some good seasonal horror movies that I think you will enjoy. Also, some spoilers ahead. I do not give away much, but you will read what the movies are about. Also, I am not affiliated with any portion of the movies; I just watch whatever the algorithm tells me is available. Additionally, there will be no movie posters as some give away the end of the movie. Stop doing that, media companies.

best horror movies to watch in the summer

For those wanting basic survival: The Ruins (2008)

I do not know how I have never seen this movie. Set in Mexico on a vacation, two couples and a German guide go out into the wilderness of Mexico. It is a survival horror film, but it fits the summer season. While it is cheesy in parts, this film is good to watch on a hot summer day. It will also make you uneasy about parts of wildlife that you may not have thought about before.

For those wanting a slow burn: Faults (2014)

Now, this one isn’t about the summer, but it is a good watch for those who have nothing else to fill their brains. It centers around cults and deprogramming people who have been in cults. I watched this one as a late-night thriller and it really surprised me. For those wanting a slow-paced film, this is what you want. It is by no means a slasher, but, of course, it is a good horror film to watch on summer nights.

For those wanting to rewatch: No Escape (2020)

I’ve watched this movie a few times over. It is a movie of adventure and choice. The main character, Cole, is a bit annoying to watch, but I feel like it is meant to be that way. It is one of those escape room movies, so if you aren’t into those types of films, skip this one. Additionally, it bases heavily on social media and the use of social media. For me, it is a movie that shows the consequences of one’s actions.

For those who don’t understand the plot: Beyond the Sky (2018)

It is a more current alien film than those we are used to, and it doesn’t disappoint. It follows a crew documenting an alien convention at first. Of course, things get weird. There is some faux history with the movie inciting certain places were meant to contact aliens, so just remember: it’s a movie. The plot changes the most towards the end. It’s a movie where you just enjoy the ride.

For those wanting a wild chase: Let’s Be Evil (2016)

While not being incredibly frightening, this movie is very unsettling. Three people are set to look over children at a very secure site. It starts off with action and ends with action, with suspense sprinkled in. It is a good film to watch when the weather is calm, and you don’t want your lights on. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and it is a perfect one to watch after a hot day.

For those wanting weird: The Field Guide to Evil (2018)

This anthology is not what I was thinking it would be. It contains region-specific paranormal creatures and bizarre storylines from all over the world. It is roughly 2 hours long, so buckle up for the strangest tales you will ever see. While this one took me all day to watch because of barn chores, it was a good watch during the breaks during the day. If you are like me in how you run a chore-filled day, I’d recommend this one.

For those wanting to watch everything go wrong: Gaia (2021)

You are going to scream at this movie. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Every decision is just infuriating. Any other decision not up to the characters is infuriating. It is a beautiful movie, still. I would greatly recommend watching this early in the day because you will think about the ending quite a bit. If you want a movie that has a happy survival ending, this is not it. I’m not giving you any more information because all information is a spoiler.

For those wanting demon possession: Nothing.

Honestly, there isn’t much out there that I would recommend. There are so many possession movies out there. I’ve seen most of them. The new ones, though, are tough to get through. Most I didn’t even finish watching because they were just, well, bad. I went through the found footage films, I went through the kid possessions, and I went through the old found footage films. If you have a good one, please let me know.  

For those wanting a teen psychological horror: Down a Dark Hall (2018)

It has teen angst. It has a fancy school. This movie was a fun watch and something to get into when you want horror, but don’t want the weird or slasher. This movie you can walk away from and still understand it towards the end. Honestly, this one isn’t a bad movie to look at when you just want to watch a movie and don’t really need any in depth work.

For those wanting zombies: The Night Eats the World (2018)

This movie is one of those that really has you wondering why the main character kept going on. I mean, some of these movies are fight or flight, and this one, is just insane. The poor guy never should have stood a chance. It is a good watch when you want a very slow burn with short bursts of action.

For those wanting a survival slasher: The Hunt (2020)

You want action, dead bodies, and a hunt. This movie has it all and then some. It is one that you can watch over and over. The movie is essentially about hunting people for sport. For those nights when you want to get motivated, this is the movie for you. It goes well beyond the average survival slasher that is located in one zone of space.

My thoughts on this summer in horror

These are what are available for free at the moment. I’m sure July will give us more scary things to watch, at least, I hope. It was a fun week watching these movies and I hope you find one that is new to you. These movies are good for summer watching, especially if you want a reminder of the weird and survival.

To be frank, survival movies are pretty good for the summertime. Most are during a vacation, so if you want to get into survival slashers, you will see plenty. If any of you were wanting sharks involved, I’m sorry to say that the newer open water survival movies are pretty dull. It is better to wait for another one to pop up. At this point in watching these movies, I’ve become cynical about them.

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