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You know there are many ways to explore the occult. You’re studying aliens, Bigfoot, portals, and even the controversial haunted places. The way of conducting occult study still eludes you. With so many different links, opiniated books, and a multitude of artifacts, you wonder what is truly real? Who has it right?

Well, to get this answer, you have to ask what has been confirmed and what is speculated. For a great example, you can look at ghosts and ghost hunting. There are thousands of theories on ghosts, where they emerge from, and where they appear. Millions, if not billions, of dollars globally are invested into ghost experiences.

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But there is no definitive answer to ghosts. Loads of theories, but there isn’t a proof that ghosts really exist with one explanation. You can say that ghosts have existed in some form, but without actual proof, studying them will be tougher.

Cultural impacts on occult studying

Much like with everything we do and believe, culture rules all. Keeping with the example, ghost hunting, you wouldn’t ask the same questions to every culture. This is because ghosts are seen differently in different areas of the world. You wouldn’t greet the otherworldly in Nigeria like you would in Canada. They have drastically different cultures, beliefs, and ideas about ghosts.

This doesn’t stem from ideals like religion and economy, but ancient beliefs brought to the modern era. You would have to make sure that culture, and past as you are investigating the dead, is good with speaking about the dead and to them. This also goes with other paranormal creatures, like vampires, witches, and even Bigfoot.

Learn why these creatures are there in the first place and your paranormal search will go much smoother.

Comparing to other areas

I will tell you, from looking at paranormal creatures, that cultures, even ones that have never met, share beliefs. This could be because of the lack of ideas, similar ideals, or otherwise. Belief in witches was always thing in many cultures. Even creatures like the Hydra have similarities in other cultures than Greece, some even older than Greece itself.

Comparing two could be disaster.
Comparing two could be disaster.

These comparisons give you a better idea of what you are looking for. Furthermore, you can definitely tell if cultures have been influenced by others this way. This could be through war, visitation, or societal merging. These circumstances are still being discovered today, so always keep an eye out for anthropological findings.

Stay away from the conspiracies

With the paranormal, there are many conspiracies that follow. Some do have some merit, like Watergate and MK Ultra. Most of them, though, are based on certain details that don’t fit in the timeline it has been given. While we would all love to see a juicy conspiracy unfold, the majority of them are not real. This goes hand in hand with the paranormal.

These theories are either to put a bad mark on the paranormal or just to give them reason, but conspiracy theories are very much in the paranormal world. But, of course, how do you know what is a conspiracy and what isn’t? Well, that one is quite simple, but takes time to manage. The only answer is to research the ‘why’.

Aliens are always the #1 conspiracy
Aliens are always the #1 conspiracy

There is a reason for the theory and why it was brought about is a major point. Was there a certain panic around that time? Was someone trying to gain or lose power at the time? Is there a way to abuse the knowledge of the supernatural to get something else? You must investigate this to confirm or deny. Most are about abusing the lack of knowledge about the paranormal to instigate fear.

Nothing about the paranormal takes a day to learn

Everything you read about with the paranormal is vast because there is so much information on them. Even smaller paranormal documents have an ancient trail that goes back thousands of years. Even something as little known as the Yacuruna have a background and even media influence.

Archives are great for studying.
Archives are great for studying.

Once you choose what you want to learn about, you will spend days and dollars (of your choosing) figuring out how they came to be. It would be impossible to learn everything about the vampire in one day as they have a huge background. Even then, you would be scratching the surface on what you could learn.

Where to look in studying the paranormal

The tactics are there, but where do you go to look? Now, I am not an affiliate with any of these, but I do use them often to get information. It is a great way to compare what different areas of the world have brought together about the paranormal. Mind you, some still aren’t widely available, but time helps everyone.

  • – This is probably the best resource you can ever use as it has so much in the database. Some books are still unavailable, but it carries so much information.
  • Library of Congress – The information that the LoC have gathered is phenomenal and studying different paranormal creatures and culture in general has made it a great tool.
  • History Channel – Say what you will about the History Channel, but they have great episodes and videos on, well, history. If you ever want to know more about a culture, they have many of the major ones.
  • CORE – Looking for research papers? Look no further as this one is very useful, but you may need to work on your keyword search to get what you are looking for.
  • YouTube – The biggest information hub in video form and it does have historical accuracy. Looking up one topic will give you dozens of channels on that one topic. Some, as they should anyways, have references to follow.

Search your heart out

Studying the paranormal is never a small feat and keeping up with the news can be tough, but you can get news information from most news site. Even LiveScience has a paranormal search. You can always set up an RSS feed for paranormal discoveries through multiple websites, so you never miss a thing.

No matter how small or big your paranormal research is, it is always going to be an adventure. Just remember to confirm your findings or your research might as well be fiction.

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