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Everyone has those moments when you just want to see or experience the paranormal. You watch a movie on ghosts and want to try it out. There is another ghost hunting show on, and you think you can do better. Whatever the reason, you want to do more, know more. So, I made a comprehensive list on to how to create this idea and bring it to fruition. A paranormal bucket list, if you will.

Of course, you can deviate off this list if you must, but do not do anything unsavory or illegal. None of these should put you in harm’s way. In fact, most of them are a to-do in your own home.

For the paranormal beginner

There is never any good time to start except the present, right? Or yesterday, to my procrastinators. This nice list will get you started with looking farther into the paranormal.

  • Find a culture and stick to it for research. Other cultures and societies will differ on what they believe in, so it is best to choose one and go for it. Most cultures have paranormal creatures and beliefs in their system.
  • Watch documentaries on one paranormal aspect. Whether it be Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle, or the Yeti, there is always a list of documentaries on them.
  • Ghost walks are cheap and a viable resource for local paranormal information. There is no rule that states you can’t start in your hometown.
  • For those of us who can’t afford to roam the world, an indoor ghost hunt on your own turf could bring results.
  • Want to ramp up that fear for the paranormal? October is the month of scary and you could treat yourself to a haunted maze or house tour.
  • Watch videos on how the paranormal work. Some of us out there even do it for a second job.
Walking around an area by wei zhu
Walking around an area by wei zhu

For the intermediate

You may be bored with the normal paranormal. Mentioning of Bigfoot makes you yawn. You enjoy entering the paranormal world, but you’ve already done the basics a few times over. There is always more out there. Once again, do these things correctly. In my research, going the wrong route has folks burned at the stake, or worse.

  • Get a tarot reading by a professional. I say professional, because even I do tarot from time to time, and it just doesn’t make sense when I’m not in the zone.
  • Request sit-ins with those seeking paranormal. There are many groups out there, online even, that group to discuss paranormal creatures. You just need to look around.
  • Join in meditation for a grounding. This is at intermedia because meditation can be tough to accomplish. You want to have some understanding of it before you ground yourself. That is something I’ll go over later.
  • Actively go on a ghost hunt. While you’re primarily there for ghosts, some other creatures may pop up. Like in Portals to Hell, ghosts aren’t the only spooky things on the other realm. Remember to ask permission.
  • Take a trip to a place known for its paranormal. Once again, ask for permission and, in this case, be careful. My home state, North Carolina, is a part of the Appalachian Mountains, which have their own paranormal entities. A camping trip might yield some results.
  • Try out divination. Dip your toes in but do your research. Additionally, consult in those who know what they are talking about. Divination is a part of the paranormal world that is vast, so of course, be ready to be slapped with a lot of information.
Tarot cards for paranormal bucket list
Tarot cards by Daniel Albany 

For the experts

Now, I am no expert. I am barely out of beginner mode, but I have dabbled in a few intermediate. These next points are going to be for things on my own bucket list. Of course, I’ll add in a few that I’m not exactly interested in. You never know what you might like, though.

  • Explore alien travel. While not exactly paranormal, their study is alongside ghosts, which technically adds them to the list. Visit alien hotspots, interview those, with permission, on their travels. Just, dive into it.
  • Study, and only study, rituals, and witchcraft. I debated adding this one as these things can be deemed sacred, so ask around if you do not know. I do not condone being a part in them as for one, I do not know what they fully entail, and two, you really need to understand what is happening first. If you already do these, and correctly, do your thing.
  • Join in on a séance. This is expert mode, and you cannot tell me otherwise. Connecting with the other side is tricky and you don’t know what paranormal creature is going to come say hi. Get someone experienced and try it out.
  • Research external arts of the paranormal. Divination is a great tool. Otherwise, there are others. Alchemy requires a vast library of knowledge and demonology is a monster all on its own. There are others for other cultures, but that is what the internet is for.
  • Solve urban legends and yes, I do mean solve. This is expert mode. Urban legends like the Goatman, the Mothman, the Yowie. You name it, there are stories galore. So, being an expert with enough research for a Ph.D., you could start being the one other folks go to. And I’m not kidding about the higher education in the paranormal. It exists.
Study in your local library for paranormal bucket list
Study in your local library, by Foundry Co 

You can do so much with a paranormal bucket list

Which is great since I decided to dedicate an entire website to it. And YouTube channel. While you may not be all in on some of these things, the paranormal world is much bigger than you think. It isn’t just ghosts, witches, and things that go bump in the night. There are topics for days and you cannot just sit back and be basic.

There is a world out there to explore, and if you get deep enough, more than one. How humanity has created the unknown is captivating. The legends are endless and some even have endless timelines. You probably can’t be an expert in everything paranormal, but you can find something you truly enjoy and go for it.

Sometimes, the paranormal may just have you on their bucket list.

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