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While I’ve investigated what you can buy to hunt ghosts, as well as where to find them, there isn’t much of a list of what a beginner really needs. As I go deeper into the world of ghost hunting, I figured a list of items that are necessary for a hunt should be included. You know, in this world, there are so many options for hunting ghosts. Ghost hunt equipment is vast and confusing, for now, and cheap ghost hunting equipment has a tendency to not be effective.

You can look at what the shows have, with their tech and extra personnel. Honestly, this isn’t all needed, and their bank is much bigger than yours. I mean, as of December 2021, Discovery Channel is worth $11.78 billion, USD, that is. So, take this adventure with me. Now, for many reasons, I am going to different places for these items.

I am sure you can buy it all from one place, but you need to branch out a little bit. We can’t always get everything from one source. As I am sure you are wondering, yes, these are the items I do intend to buy for future ghost hunting. Now, these are cheap in the word that you can buy them or download them. There are many ways to gain access to ghost hunting and these are really the cheaper options without sacrificing quality.

You need a recorder

A recorder is a vital piece of ghost hunt equipment. It should be the first thing that you get. Depending on what else you use (EMF), you can easily get a recorder from anywhere. Your phone has one on it, I’m sure. If not, there is an app that will definitely fulfill that purpose. A small one from any store can be fine, as long as it is charged and ready to go.

Noticing what happens on shows and personal accounts, bring extra batteries. If you want the real deal, Staples has one for under $50.

EMF or dousing rods are great additions

With all our technology, there will be issues with interference. While you can spend the extra big bucks on an EMF meter, you can also use dousing rods. Both have their issues, one being with electricity and the other as a user issue. The EMF meter does not need any extra training except on how to read it. This is self-explanatory.

Dousing rods, on the other hand, require more practice, patience, and a few tutorials on how to properly use them. Dousing rods are a real thing and they can be effective, but the issue is that new users think that they can just pick them up and they work. Without having extra knowledge with the item, you would just have bought two copper sticks.

You can buy EMF meters nearly anywhere, including Walmart for under $20 USD. Dousing rods vary, but can still be purchased for under $50, like in the Kinesiology Shop.

Divination as ghost hunt equipment

You know that I love some good ol’ divination. If you want to branch out further, there are some cheaper ways to do so, but this does come with a warning. And yes, more so than the dousing rods. Whether you believe in ghosts, spirits, monsters that go bump in the night, etc., don’t mess with things that you yourself do not understand.

the fool, illustrating divination with ghost hunt equipment
The Fool.

Of course, I will still give recommendations. Tarot cards are cheap and can be a great way to communicate if you are willing to allow them. They take time to learn about, though. There are many kinds of them, but the tried and true are the original mass-selling cards. These are the tarot cards by Rider Waite Tarot, for roughly $15-30, depending on when you buy them.

There are other ways, but we will get to them, eventually. I have other posts of divination types if you are interested in that rabbit hole.

The best ghost hunt equipment, the flashlight

Since most of the ghost hunting happens at night, because, you know, scary, it is smart to always bring a flashlight. You can use them anywhere for anything. You can get them at a gas station or on Amazon for cheap. If you are going to ask ghosts questions, remember to get the ones that twist to turn on, not have a button.

Because ghosts don’t know how to use buttons, I don’t know.

Now, moving on to the bigger items that you might want to indulge in for ghost hunt equipment.

Ovilus, the big spender

I do not know why these are so expensive.  You can try one on your phone if you want. They can be free or be $10. These ghost to text machines are very much active in shows and personal channels on YouTube. I cannot stress how much they use these. Some can get up to $400 USD. Honestly, if you want to get something that gives a real conversation between a ghost, a spirit box might be best.

Spirit box, the budget Ovilus

Much like flashlights, you can buy these things literally anywhere. I’m not kidding. Every major box store has these on sale. Pick your favorite with the right reviews and buy it along with a box of trash bags and some cereal. Because groceries are important, too, for overall living.

They range from $50-200 USD. Any more expensive and you better be getting another feature, like EMF. Or, like the Ovilus, you can grab one from the app store, depending on your budget.

Don’t let ghost hunt equipment take over

You still have everything you need to see a ghost. A phone with decent video options could easily capture a ghost. A digital camera can do the same. Don’t forget what is in most of your pockets. The modern cell phone is already a great tool for ghost hunting. You don’t need hundreds of dollars’ worth of equipment to record a ghost.

cell phone for ghost hunt equipment
Your typical cell phone is perfect for ghost hunting.

Just that one $1,000 everything machine you most likely pay per month like I do.

But that is what you have and if it is all you have, you are still good, minus the location. The next few items are always needed, such as a pen and notebook for basic recordings, snacks, those trash bags you bought with your spirit box at Walmart because littering is bad, and a ton of batteries and charging supplies. And, obviously, enjoy your hunt, with whatever ghost hunt equipment you may have.

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