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It is finally here: the halfway point of doing daily tarot for a year. Somehow, through all my forgetfulness, anxiety, and changes over the past 6 months, I have stuck with this daily pull. I figured it is a good time to give you an easy tarot guide on how to pull daily without missing once.

Now, this may not sound like you, but if you have issues remembering to do something every day, I may be able to assist. I have memory issues through mental health and a lifelong issue with multiple traumatic brain injuries. So, when I do something like this for so long, I had to look for ways to keep at it and to remember it even exists. At this point, daily tarot pulls could become a pinpoint on my personal resume. No payment, no reason, no fear, just doing something for myself.

Here are some ways to keep motivated when you want to pull a daily tarot.

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Write it down

This is the biggest issue with pulling a daily tarot card: forgetting about it. You may have that busy lifestyle and sometimes, things slip through the cracks. If you have a calendar, digital or physical, add in to check your tarot deck. Make a note and stick it to your fridge, your end table, or your bathroom mirror. Anything to get that idea in your mind.

To also keep tabs on your pulls, you can always document your daily tarot pull. I do this with Microsoft Excel, and it has not only helped me see patterns in my pulls but motivate me to complete the month. Once you do something for a certain amount of time, it becomes second nature. We will get back to that in a moment, though.

Documentation is a great way to get the motivation for a daily pull. It doesn’t take much to get started on reminding yourself nor the time it takes to set up a spreadsheet on what you pull.

Treat it like a habit

By this, I mean treating a daily tarot pull like brushing your teeth, doing dishes, or watering the garden. It takes time to form a habit, but there are many studies showing how to get a habit to stick. For myself in the beginning of my daily pull journey, I made tarot a part of my morning ritual. It became something that I was able to do during my morning coffee.

Then, when my schedule changed, I moved my daily pulls to the evenings. It doesn’t necessarily matter if you do a morning pull or an evening pull. Your intention on your question will only change from reaction of the day to perception of the day. My question for my pull did not change, but how I perceived the answer did.

Make a goal

My goal with my daily pulls started on January 1st, 2022 and will be completed December 31, 2022. I want to complete an entire year of daily tarot pulls. I challenged myself with this because I thought it will allow me to become closer to the practice. And it really has with aiding me in understanding how tarot works even further.

You can start at one week, one month, or go the full year. A goal keeps your motivated to reach the end. Without it, I don’t think I would have gone as long as I have. The practice itself is very interesting and I’ve seen some tantalizing patterns in my pulls to research and reflect on.

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Learn the tarot deck

This is something everyone has trouble with it the beginning. You get your tarot deck, all new and shiny, but no idea what to do with it. A daily tarot pull is typically asking about the day it resides in. You can ask how work will go, how the day will go, what to expect. I have asked the same prompt since January: “Guide me on today.”

Within a few months, as I saw patterns with the same cards, I not only gained a relationship with the deck that I am using, but I recognized the cards and their meanings. You do not need to memorize the card meanings before you start. It took me only a few months to learn many of the cards themselves, especially those I pulled consistently.

Join a group for motivation and reminder

This may be a little odd to suggest, as tarot groups can be toxic and uncommon, but even looking at threads online can help. Tarot as a practice even has a subreddit.  If you ever need assistance or motivation, you can try online to find a group to help you. This goes with finding a deck, learning the cards, or simply just to understand the practice itself.

Especially on those busy days, seeing a group connected to the habit can trigger a memory response to keep you going. This also goes with those bad days, as you will not pick happy cards every time. I had two weeks of pulls that were all negative, but it was because I was looking at a situation in the wrong way. It actually helped me get to the point where I needed to be.

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Don’t discount daily tarot analytics

Even if the motivation isn’t there, the ability to form the habit is. If the cards are unfavorable, it might be good to look at them from another angle. The average accuracy for my tarot in 7 months has been 8.05, which has only gotten higher the more I go on. Out of the 78-card deck, I still haven’t pulled 10 cards. Additionally, I have pulled 6 different cards the most, with each being 6 times each.

This information would not be available to me if I didn’t choose to record them. I would not know much about my pulls if I didn’t do some Excel wizardry to understand them better. This is out of 187 days. Besides the Major Arcana, which I pulled at least twice as much as the other 4 Minor Arcana, the most I pulled were from the Wands.

This process allows me to understand my pulls, accuracy, and predictions of pulling more. Moreover, the number of cards that I pull from each Arcana allow me to see what direction I am heading into and where I have been stuck. I hope this guide shows you to a way you might want to see your daily pulls. I am very analytical, so it brings me great pleasure to see analysis of my daily tarot pulling.

An easy tarot guide isn’t without some mistakes

If you think it would be challenging to continue a daily tarot pull, you will be happy to know that I didn’t pull every day necessarily. If you forget one day, you can always ask about the day before the next morning. After two days, you will be in some hot water with daily pulling. It wouldn’t be as simple as asking about a day that just occurred.

Of course, missing a day isn’t the end of the world. You can’t guess what you would have pulled that day and if you must pull the day after, it just means you are making up for lost time. If you need to restart to be consistent, there is no harm in that. The universe will forgive you.

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