8 Best Ways to Get Terror Back to October

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It’s finally here. The spookiest month of the year. You will definitely see as to why in a future blog, but for now, we should start off with the 8 great ideas for the scary month of October. Now, with the past two years, we have been through some crazy and terrible things. The pandemic hit our world like a megaton of bricks that spiked in price as production went down. Death, destruction, and tragedy have run rampant, so it is a little bit difficult to get scared anymore.

You are exhausted, and I get that. I am, too. But fear is an emotion that I, for some reason, really connect with. That may not be a good thing, but I miss being frightened. So, from one human being to another, here are some ideas to bring back the scary.

Rewatching scary movies in the dark.

This one may be a bit obvious, but you must remind yourself why you feared The Grudge in the first place. That primal fear is still there, waiting to remember why your hair stands on end at a particular scene. Going back to the times where movies scared you again is a great way to get the fear back.

My own recommendations are mostly blockbuster movies:

  • The Grudge and The Ring originals.
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • The Conjuring and the universe surrounding it.
  • The Babadook
  • Hereditary
  • It Follows
  • Any exorcism movie

These help to remind you of what was scary and, hopefully, your subconscious remembers, too. New movies are great, but you are probably desensitized enough to just panic at the jump scares.

Ghost hunting

Now, I’ve used a few ideas of what I mentioned in a prior article about different kinds of ghost hunting tools. Some are really strange, but they are an interesting attempt to contact the dead. From watching the shows to doing it on your own, ghost hunting brings back the fear that there is something else out there.

Something that we cannot see, but can still mess with us if we say hi.

There is always a caution with this, though, as inviting random strangers into your home may be a bad idea, so take precautions.

Haunted houses are still a thing.

And boy, are they getting scarier. With the knowledge that you are vaccinated, you can enjoy some aspects of the old times by going to a haunted house. While they are scarcer nowadays, they still exist, and you can still get scared by a stranger popping out of a wall and screaming at you in real time. While you’ll probably see a version of the girl from The Ring climbing towards you wearing a mask, it doesn’t make it any less scary.

Abandoned home by Peter H, haunted house idea for october
Abandoned home by Peter H

Especially, if they are climbing on the ceiling. These places have taken extreme caution keeping everyone safe and sanitizing the buildings.

Still not comfortable indoors?

Haunted mazes are definitely still a thing.

Anything outdoors is still a great idea if you don’t want to be encased in a house during a pandemic. Even in my own home state, North Carolina, there are plenty of haunted mazes and forests to roam during the spooky season.

Although some will be closed for another year because of the pandemic itself or lack of employees, others will be opening for the whole month.

So, what if you still can’t leave your home, for any reason that you may choose?

Make your own haunted house.

Décor is still available to make your home even scarier than what you see at a Halloween fair. You decide what you want to be afraid of, and with that in mind, you control the fear. Looking at what has been showing up at my local Lowes and Home Depot, you can create some pretty terrifying creatures lurking in your own shadow.

Mind you, those links may not work after October 31st.

This is great for families as you can really show some skills on how well you can scare your spouse or children. Also, these decorations could be used time and time again for the years to come.

Delve into the spooky history.

Now, this one does come with a disclaimer: do not do anything you aren’t comfortable with, and that includes research.

Research the scary, like ghosts, demons, vampires, and the like could give your sense of fear back. Stories from the past give you an idea of what really was scary to people back then, and how they interpreted it. Old stories and given research for it does give a spookier sense of what has happened and that it could happen again.

Books on shelves, ideas for october
Books on shelves

You sometimes forget that words can be fearful, especially with how much video media there is out there. While I love a good documentary or horror film, knowing the reason as to why the named demon is stalking the home makes it a bit more terrifying. It is because you are in the know.

For example, a note by a possessed nun was translated in 2017. But how did it start? Are possessed nuns a typical thing? Are there more notes? To gain insight, you have more knowledge of what has happened. It could very well happen again, and you now know that. It may not be as scary to some, but knowledge brings fear when in the right context.

Ghost tours are still going.

While not being as populated as before, ghost tours are still very much alive and if you’ve read any of my stories, you’ll see some strange things can happen. Most older towns have these tours, and you can even find museums and notoriously haunted locations to have a tour waiting. These also don’t break the bank, as many offer tours for as low as $15 USD.

I can really only speak of the United States for these tours, but Canada also has them, most in major cities.

Virtualized hauntings.

By this, I mean that the internet has allowed humanity to put many things scary for the whole world to experience. From makeshift videos on YouTube to ghost tours you can view from your own living room. Some are even cheaper than their physical tours. It is a great way to see what you want to see without risking the chance of catching Covid-19, or really, any transmissible disease.

Not everyone out there is ready to accept the pandemic nor the vaccines at this time, so you must adapt to new ways to get scared. This holiday is about looking into the supernatural and celebrating it, along with death and horror. It is a really nice holiday for those who enjoy the spooky world that is currently not being taken over by our own.

As much as I would love to walk another tour, the option to stay home and make my own home scary is a great option and allows the creative flow to be free.

Also, I can justify that 12-foot skeleton everyone keeps talking about.

How terrifying would that be to see, waking up on the second story of a building?

Make this year a little but scarier with these ideas and make some new ones for your own traditions. You must change with the times and in these times, you really do need to have a workaround. Humanity will never be the same after this, much like how we weren’t after the 1918 pandemic, the 1905 smallpox pandemic, or the 1894 polio epidemic.

Take Halloween back and make it yours. Just be safe about it.

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