5 of the Best Trusted Tarot Reading Ideas

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I’ve been on a journey of divination, as you may well know. Starting in December of 2021, I dove headfirst into the world of fortune-telling. One that I’ve accomplished to do every day since then is tarot. Tarot isn’t at all ancient and there are older forms of divination, but I have a tarot deck and a ton of curiosity, so I attempted my try at completing it for at least 1 year. I realized quickly that there are some trusted tarot guides that should be promoted.

So far, I’ve been on the right track, not missing a day yet. Granted, it is early in the year, but I am convinced that I can do it. From my research into tarot, which isn’t as much as I would like, I’ve learned that there is a definite wrong way to conduct tarot. Just focusing on a question or idea isn’t enough. It requires some outer influence of a sort.

Other than that, there are some trusted tarot reading ideas that are not just concrete in the practice, but handed down from generations past. You may have been interested in some of them, so here they are.

There is focused energy within the cards

Much like with ghost hunting, there is always an energy you will feel surrounding the paranormal. No one can explain it, but there is always talk of an energy. You may not believe in this, but I’ve personally experienced this, and it is an interesting ordeal. Some have stated that you can read the energy wrong, which I’m sure happens to me all the time as I am new to the practice.

Energy is required for trusted tarot readings.
Energy is required for tarot readings.

Shuffling the cards is the best way to gain this energy into the cards. Additionally, there are some that state that cards fumbling out of the deck, it could be a piece of our own energy being put into the deck. This isn’t something I would consider accurate as I have arthritis and drop my cards many times.

Other than that, shuffling is still the best way. Biddy Tarot, my secondary tarot bible at this point, gives a list of things to do before and during a tarot reading. I love this because they give ideas that could bring in focus, rather than statements of energy meaning. It gives concrete ideas such as incense, clearing your mind by walking outside, and practice.

Reading the cards in a way that is guiding

I started tarot reading as a way to learn more about how I run my day. It isn’t the fortune telling that they show in media. Tarot readings are more of a guidance system rather than showing what will happen. Vogue, of all websites, did an interview with Rachel Howe, an artist who also reads tarot. She speaks in the article about the Death card.

“The Death card, in my experience, doesn’t actually mean death. It’s more about our fear of death and our fear of change.”

Rachel Howe, from Vogue interview

I have pulled the Death card, back in January for a daily reading. I don’t exactly remember what happened that day, but rating was a 9 for the tarot reading accuracy, and the explanation just states “everything died”. This may have been around the time when my car had some issues, which did happen in January. That same week, a coworker’s dog had passed, so there may have been some warning. Of course, I do not mean to say that the Death card equates to death, but to a change in your world.

So, with this, you should read the cards in a way that is a guide, not an actual translation. There might be an actual translation, but the cards more so prepare you for what is to come, not what will physically happen.

Apparently, a trusted tarot idea is to pick the right deck

You’ve probably heard this before from so many postings. I’m not kidding when I say that there is a right and wrong deck for you. In fact, I chose mine because it was sitting in a bag that I had forgotten about. I bought the 63-card deck many years ago, thinking that I might get into tarot one day. I chose the deck itself because someone advertised it on Reddit.

A pretty deck doesn't equal the best deck, but it helps.
A pretty deck doesn’t equal the best deck, but it helps.

Of course, I do still think of it as the right deck, but I do shop for others from time to time as there are some pretty ones out there. Choosing a deck is important because of the tarot you want to accomplish. Mind you, there are decks out there that look like modern tarot and are not. This is a short list of decks in all.

  • Oracle decks (44 cards)
  • Lenormand deck (36 cards)
  • Marseille Tarot (78 cards)
  • Modern Tarot (72 cards)
  • Standard playing cards (52 cards)
Something as simple as playing cards for trusted tarot
Something as simple as playing cards.

You may not want a basic tarot deck, but one that is similar. Ideally, you want to choose a deck that feels right for the questions that you want to ask. A more direct and physical answer will come from the Lenormand deck while guidance and ideas from beyond come from Oracle decks.

Practice makes more practice in trusted tarot guides

I do not care what others say, there is no perfection in tarot reading. Having an off day, being tired, stress, anxious or otherwise can change the outcome of a reading, no matter the deck. It would be insane to think that each reading would come out perfectly describing and answering the question that you have.

Doing a tarot reading in the first few months of starting will be tough as you will not know what the cards mean. It is getting easier by the day, but I do not see there being a time when I will perfect the art itself. You will have off days, bad days, misunderstood readings, and incorrectly pulled readings. It will happen, but don’t fret over it. It’s a practice, not life or death.

To give it more meaning, compare it with Numerology

I understand this post has taken some strange turns, but this one is quite fascinating. In the two months that I have taken tarot seriously as a daily practice, I’ve noticed some articles around the web that talk about Numerology as well. This divination type has a history and practice of its own, but comparisons are still there.

Numerology is everywhere and helps with tarot immensely.
Numerology is everywhere and helps with tarot immensely.

Labyrinthos has an outline of how numbers correlate with the major arcana of modern tarot. Tarot.com even has information on Numerology in correspondence with tarot. After some practice with tarot, you can start to figure out more of what these numbers mean. It takes some time and I still do not fully understand it, but it gives more insight, especially towards daily tarot pulls.

Going even further down the rabbit hole, you can work your own Numerology, which is fascinating in its own right, and I will probably get into it at some point. You may not think it is real, and that is fine, but it is always a secondary option to gain insight. Other than that, what other tips have you seen for some trusted tarot reading ideas?

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