5 Easy Suggestions for a Ghost Hunt

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You’ve wondered while watching ghost shows of all calibers on how they get permission to walk through old buildings and record paranormal findings. The sheer amount of paperwork involved alone sets you to not think about how so many people find the time to research, locate, ask, and then assemble the technology for such a ghost hunt.

Well, it is because of a combination of knowing who will allow visitors, how much you can pay them, and how well known you are. For a nobody, like most of us, they aren’t going allow access. You still want to sit in a dark corner of a random place and listen for wails and growls in the night, so you look for suggestions, and I am here to give them to you.

You’ve already gotten your gear ready with a recorder, a ghost hunting app, and some fancy paranormal hunting gear you bought off Amazon. Or you just hopped over to another blog to see what otherworldly ghost hunting gear you could bring.

1.     Your own neighborhood could be haunted.

Never fear, your neighbors are here! Asking for permission, of course, there is always one neighbor that thinks that their house is haunted. Somehow, they just know it in their bones that those cabinet doors were closed before they went to bed last night, only to find them wide open in the morning.

Schmoozing up to your neighbor would be much easier than asking permission at an abandoned asylum an hour away. You could even help your neighbor or invite them along for the investigation.

2.     Get permission to a local hotspot.

If you’re like me, you live in a place known for some haunted locations. While you won’t get a chance to go on the local battleship alone, you could ask for a private tour with permission to hunt ghosts and even make a video of it. Most of the more known locations most likely get thousands of offers a year to for ghost hunting, so it is best to be nice and act like a professional.

Hot spot idea for ghost hunt by S. Hermann & F. Richter 
Hot spot idea for ghost hunt by S. Hermann & F. Richter 

While this may involve paperwork, as it always would, you would guarantee some historical insight on what is haunting the area as you live there, and the tour guide will know what is haunting the place. Even some churches will allow this, with some doing it for fundraising.

But always ask for permission. You don’t need an arrest record for a hobby or small profession.

3.     Family homes are always welcome.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have extended family with haunted homes, this one is for you. When my grandmother died, her home became vacant. It is reaching its 100th year birthday and has been renovated many times over. The place has had a few deaths in it, one being my grandmother, and it contains some fairly creepy feelings as it is empty, and I still don’t trust the attic.

For these homes, you just have to let your family members know you are going there, since it is owned by family, so no one calls the cops on you, thinking you’re trying to break in an empty home. They are perfect for getting a sense of how ghost hunting should be handled without needing so much extra work. It could also be a nice control for any further investigations that you do.

4.     Follow another group.

Since there are so many other ghost hunting groups out there, you can see if you can’t just tag along for the ride. It is suggested that you have some idea of ghost hunting, experience, and equipment to entice others to let you join their investigations. Also, having a guest always helps with the views.

If you have no idea where to start with this, local groups typically advertise online and most have a social media outlet or website, all having a way to contact them. This is more suggested for those who have a few investigations under their belt and have a good standing as an investigator. So, unless you are friends with someone or of the groups, it would be best to have something to show them that you are serious.

5.     Go on ghost tours.

This one is probably the best one for beginners, as it not only gives you an idea of the historical insight of ghost haunting, but the tour guides have stories for days. As I have been on a few ghost tours in my time and have had some crazy things happen, these tours are great as they are cheap and accessible as most are outdoors and in downtown areas. You would have no problem finding them and asking for assistance on finding ghosts.

Fair warning, though, the tours are cheap, but the classes on ghost investigating are not.

ghost hunt map
Map for guidance

You could even find some while traveling to kill a few hours into the night. Just dress for the weather and you will be walking most of the time. Some even offer private tours where you can go into places not on the main tour for a few bucks more, but once again, always ask for permission for taping, usage of equipment, and the like.

Some will definitely allow this as I have sent my own findings to tour guides while on the tour back in the day. We were allowed to take pictures and my camera may have caught orbs going into a building. I have other stories, but they are posted on different blogs under ‘Story time’.

So, go out there and see what you can find. You should always ask for permission in these cases as you don’t want trouble with the law, which can seriously tarnish your reputation as a ghost hunter. Even big shows have to ask.

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