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Let’s do the best thing about October: getting the bones spooked off you. I should have made this on the 1st, but eh, what’s a few days off. Hopefully you are doing the same as myself, watching at least one horror movie a day for the whole month, or watching just horror movies. Here are some ideas for the month of October for some spooky movies in the dark.

Now, I’ve seen many horror movies. It must be in the hundreds, at a minimum. But some, even classics, I have never watched. Over the weekend, I did my one-a-day horror movie, and this is what you get to read about today. From now on until the 31st, you’ll get a list of movies that we both need to watch, or just one that you might have forgotten about.

So, for these movies I have already seen, here is the biggest disclaimer a heading can give.

Spoilers ahead.

However, if you want to skip the movie descriptions, just scroll down, and advert your curious eyes.

The Village (2004)

The first time I watched this movie was last Friday, the 1st of October. I had seen Scary Movie 4, so I, of course, knew somewhat what the movie was about. While it wasn’t exactly scary, I could see it having some aura of unsettling action as a blind girl, Ivy Walker, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, goes on a literal blind adventure to get medicine for her new beau who was stabbed by another guy who loves her.

It took me 5 hours just to watch the whole thing as errands were needed in the chicken farm. By the way, I live on a chicken farm.

We also have ducks.

You’ve met some of them.

Augustus the Muscovy drake wants to you to watch horror movies
Augustus the Muscovy drake

Anyways, her adventure is made knowing that the town could possibly be fake as the world around them is in what looks like the 1980s or 90s.

This cast is stacked, including Sigourney Weaver, Joaquin Phoenix, William Hurt, Adrien Brody, Judy Greer, Jesse Eisenburg, and the aforementioned Bryce Dallas Howard. I would love to know how much each of them was paid for this.

That must have been an insane payment.

It was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who of course, is known for his crazy twist endings, but the ending wasn’t exactly too crazy. I wouldn’t have known they lived in a strange complex away from the real world, but the delivery did fall a bit short. Otherwise, it was still watchable.

You can watch it on Hulu, probably for the month of October and that’s it.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Yeah, you can poke fun at the one who criticizes movies and hasn’t seem some very popular classics. But watching this now, Freddy Kruger is now my favorite villain ever. I loved this movie. Wes Craven did a phenomenal job and I’m already on the second one.

This cast isn’t as stacked, but I noticed Johnny Depp the second he was on film. He was so young then. According to IMDB, this may have been his first movie.

The other character I noticed instantly was the teacher, played by Lin Shaye. If you don’t know this name, you know the face. She plays Elise in the Insidious movies.

Anyways, the movie had some decently smart characters. Tina, the first death, had a great one-liner when she saw Freddy in her final battle with him. The boyfriends, on the other hand, were not exactly helpful, especially Depp’s character Glen, who could not stay awake. I mean, I did all-nighters when I was a teen, why can’t he?

Nightmare on Elm Street, the best of horror movies
Nightmare on Elm Street

Nancy, the actual main character, was ready to fight and you don’t really see that in newer movies. Maybe it was a change from 80s to 90s, but not one person tripped over their own feet and most of them fought back. It was refreshing to see… in a movie from 37 years ago.

She was ready to kill Freddy and get her life back. She drank coffee like the price was down and took caffeine pills like they were getting banned. The acting is what you would expect in a 1980s horror and the screams sounded like they were half a mile away, but it was a great movie. Also, I love that Freddy always wins in the end.

The whole series is on HBO Max, if you are curious.

Spell (2020)

So, this movie is on Hulu for their ‘Huluween’ promotion and recognized the main character, Marq, as Omari Hardwick from Netflix’s Army of the Dead, so I gave it a shot. I missed many horror movies from the past year as movie theaters were closed and movie trailers had become a bit scarce on my YouTube page (what can I say, I don’t watch cable television). So, this movie gets the October 3rd slot.

Lo and behold, Eloise, played by Loretta Devine, comes in, after saving Hardwick’s family from a plane crash, but the catch is that his family may or may not be dead for most of the movie. If you don’t know Devine, she was Adele Webber in Grey’s Anatomy. Then, her husband, Earl, played by John Beasley, walks in. It turns out these guys, along with an always needed Lewis who is a large man who Eloise loves to yell for, are into voodoo.

This movie gave me vibes of a mixture of 1990s Misery and Madame LaLaurie’s… everything else. Marq somehow gets a good grasp of the type of voodoo the others used called root working, which is a very real thing, and ends up saving his family, who turns out to be alive.

It was a decent movie, but what really got me was the root work Marq was doing. Did he know all of this before? Is it like how Jedis just feel it? Did he just follow the book on the table? How did he sneak up on the officer? Some parts of the movie just needed more time to explain how he got there. Overall, I’d recommend it.

The Horror Movie Line-Up

So, if you want to join me in finding movies you’ve never seen before, go for it. I enjoy watching different horror movies just because you get an idea of what each director is trying to accomplish and how each story is always just a bit different.

You already got the first 3 days. Now for the rest with where you can find them:

4thSpontaneous (Hulu)

5thMalignant (HBO Max)

6thMadhouse (Hulu)

7thSquid Game (Netflix)

8thThe Host (Hulu)

9thEquinox (Hulu)

10thVeronica (Netflix)

11thNight of the Living Dead (HBO Max)

12thJu-On Origins (Netflix)

13thThe Final Girls (Hulu)

14th– Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (HBO Max)

15thIn The Earth (Hulu)

16thThe Bar (Netflix)

17thWithin (Hulu)

18thGothika (HBO Max)

19thCargo (Netflix)

20thPhobias (Hulu)

21stThe Rite (HBO Max)

22ndFunhouse (Hulu)

23rdI Married a Witch (HBO Max)

24thMercy Black (Netflix)

25thThe Blob (HBO Max)

26thAgyaat (Netflix)

27thThe Complex: Lockdown (Hulu)

28thCloverfield (HBO Max)

29th#Alive (Netflix)

30thCursed (HBO Max)

31stThe Current Occupant (Hulu)

What are you looking forward to watching this month? Since I have the basic streaming services, I was slightly limited as I have seen many horror movies, but you will find out, there are some hidden gems out there.

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