3 Big Ghost Hunting Mistakes

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When you look into the ways of ghost hunting, you will see some ghost hunting mistakes being used. Some aren’t too bad while others are downright illegal. It does not matter the country you reside in. These practices are frowned upon and do make it more difficult for other investigators to get permission to look at some sites.

Don’t be the one that gets a place shut down for visitors or worse, expelled from any ghost hunting. You can safely go into ghost hunting without having to break the law. There is also the case of falsification, which is a big deal. Moreover, there is acting in an unjust way towards the dead.

If it is illegal, avoid it

The most obvious practice is that of trespassing. While many ghost hunters or investigators ask permission to have a viewing of the site, others take a more back door approach. With no permission given, you lose more than what you gain. As much as everyone likes a rebel, you are there with one intention of finding a ghost with no idea what is there.

Always have a route. Ghost hunting mistakes
Always have a route.

Gaining permission can allow private tours, extensive information, and even hotspots that aren’t typically shown with the main crowd. This may cost money and some signatures, but it is worth it for the time. This includes additional items such as ghost tours, after-hours tours, artifacts not shown, and even more.

Trespassing can give you jail time, you could get injured at the site with no additional help, and it is just not a good idea. Do it the right way and you’ll gain more information and even some possible networking.

Falsifying the footage

This has been an issue with all levels of media in ghost hunting practices. While some shows tell the truth, others like to embellish. The truth can be boring at times, so it takes the personality of the hosts, or ghost hunters, to make it entertain. Some avoid this route by faking or embellishing evidence.

It is one item on the list that no one can change because it is entertainment. You aren’t going to argue with that. There is no reason to not watch it, as falsified information is still fascinating to watch, but it must be known that much of the evidence you see is either not really evidence or it is faked.

The truth is that ghosts don’t always show themselves. My work has a ghost in the building. They don’t show themselves every time there is a quiet moment or when just one person is there. It sometimes takes weeks for anything to happen. You can’t expect them to talk every time you ask.

Don’t anger the dead

The biggest ghost hunting mistakes are, at times, the most entertaining, as said before. Agitating ghosts and those in the otherworld is no different. In fact, it is seen not only in ghost hunting shows, but in broadcast television and in movies. This reasoning is to get the ghost or creature to get talking, get moving, or get hurting.

It is barbaric, yes, but it does work. It is not the right way to do things, though. A simple conjuring, a connection, or request is just as good, if not better. This is because the ghost would trust those communicating with it, rather than being angry at them. Or they might be more open to answer questions. Being kind will give you more than being rude.

Don't anger the ghosts. Ghost hunting mistakes
Don’t anger the ghosts.

If they do not want to communicate, then you must respect that. You can’t force evidence because you want it. That goes back into possibly falsifying information. These 3 big ghost hunting mistakes can be avoided easily, and alternatives are always there.

Ghost hunting mistakes are avoidable

Along with these three, there are dozens of mistakes to make with ghost hunting. This includes

  • Untested and poor skill in equipment
  • Bad locations, not haunted locations
  • Investigating alone in big areas
  • No prior knowledge of the site
  • Uncontrolled fear of the unknown

You’ll see that these mistakes just require more knowledge and understanding of how ghost investigating works. Just jumping in does not allow you to fully grasp what you are looking at. It happens, but you should try to always be prepared. Keep your eyes and mind sharp, your permission granted, and always have a plan for when things go awry.

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