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You’ve done some paranormal research in your time. You wonder how so much information you can be learn and understand. Where does the paranormal end and the conspiracy begin? History itself is vast and it contains more questions than answers. Paranormal history has many theories. Unless there is culture that connects an artifact or story, it is difficult to truly understand the paranormal.

This is why ancient paranormal history really ends in recent times. There are caves and artifacts that are tens of thousands of years old, but without culture, what do we really know about them? You can say the lion-man figurine is paranormal, but what if it isn’t? This idea that paranormal artifacts are in fact otherworldly skew our idea of confirmation.

Why theories make history

Just like with science, history really is full of theories the farther back you go. It takes some time to research a subject fully and with some items, it gets vague the older the information is. Big and popular topics like witches, vampires, and werewolves are easily researchable. They have documentation that goes back thousands of years because humanity keeps popularity up to date.

On the other hand, if you want to go back to the times when witchcraft itself started, you’re going to need to be using different words to explain it. Witchcraft back in the day could have been seen with oracles and rituals, so just using that one term wouldn’t give you all the information provided with it.

Theories on how they connect are what drives them to be related. Easy enough to understand, right? Right. In time, these theories change as new things are discovered.

Choosing paranormal history as a topic

Now, I know you are over me bringing this up in history blogs, but it is something that you must get. I do not write about paranormal history because it is vast, but because you misunderstand it. Paranormal history is something that you must know about.

Alien abductions for paranormal history
Alien abductions? Paranormal or just a way of life?

We as a species are discovering so much about our past and much of it deals with the paranormal. Thoughts of evil, gods, strange creatures, the way the moon works, and much more are a part of the lives of those in the past. If may also be yours as well, but there is no major discussion on it through the eyes of normal people.

Granted, I understand that many people do not care about history, but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.

Paranormal as the definition allows it

For the term paranormal, it is anything otherworldly. I’ve used this definition over and over to really convey how massive the topic is. It is everything outside of what is, well, normal. Of course, you must say it is everything outside of what we perceive as normal because there could be a world full of magic out there.

You don’t know. I don’t know.

When discussing the history of paranormal, there are topics that are major. Those associated with religion are big as well as divination and strange creatures. They are easy to discuss because of how many people write about them. Media also helped nudge this along.

Difference in science and paranormal

Yes, there is a way to mix these two together, and by science, I mean mostly biology and astronomy. In the past, some paranormal creatures were in fact real. The Kraken is really a giant squid. The incubus could just be night terrors. Aliens probably exist, while UFOs literally means unidentified object.

Nothing is really normal until you figure out what it really is, not how you perceive it. For a very real and modern example, let’s look at the strange object on the moon from 2021. It was seen as a hut and was theorized by the internet as an alien made object or, and I’m not kidding about this one, the stage where they faked the moon landing.

It was a rock. Nothing paranormal about it.

Difference in typical history and paranormal history

The definition of paranormal makes this one a little obvious, but history itself does look at what is seen as normal. Talking about the wars of the past are a major part of history, alongside rulers and land ownership. It also discusses the evolution of societal changes. The paranormal has a part in that, but it is something entirely different.

whale skeleton
I mean, it doesn’t look like a whale, but it is

Paranormal history tries to explain what you cannot explain. Nostradamus is a great example of an important person in both normal and paranormal history. He is a part of both worlds. Now, get into witches and it is paranormal all over. If you want to discuss societal reasons of burning witches, that dives more into basic history.

It’s a fine line between the two, but it gets muddled when you speak of intent towards the paranormal, especially that of the paranormal creatures. Divination is much different as history just states where the oracles were and what they said. It is not the actual basis of why that divination is there or how it started.

The paranormal does not have a solid background

This is primarily because of lost information that was burned due to changes in leadership, religion, and war.

Let’s all take a moment of silence for the Library of Alexandria.

Many of the oral stories from before were lost in translation, lost from population control, or distorted from other rulers. While you can say many survived, it is nearly not enough. Before writing everything down, cave drawings were a part of life. They give us an idea of what that society was up to. Some give more detail than others and they are great finds.

Otherwise, looking into the start of some of these paranormal fields is impossible. There just isn’t enough viable information, at least none found so far.

So, when you go looking for what is out there, remind yourself that you need to look at everything. Some may say the basilisk has been around for millions of years, but we know that isn’t true. The history going back that far just doesn’t exist.

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