A Simplified Look at the Paranormal in War

paranormal in war
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The time for peace is over and war is unfortunately on the rise. The paranormal in war is a real thing. While religions have their own views on war, justice, morality, and death, the paranormal do as well. There are paranormal creatures and occurrences in times of war that only appear in times of war.

So, we will look over the few things in the world that only appear alongside bombs, take-overs, general wartime waywardness. Many of these things you may already know, but with a swift whooshing and changing of the earth, you, like the ghosts, will be reminded of it again.

All that dust in the air

There are many stories out there about ghosts of the past walking around our present. Many of them appear to be soldiers. Since most of the world has seen war, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see a soldier or military personnel walking around. This is because the soil itself is being thrust into the air, the paranormal of war in the past have awakened again, ready to hash it out with the enemy.

The paranormal in war do not fear the dead.
The paranormal in war do not fear the dead.

From Llewellyn, a website and just a massive community of witchcraft, has ideas of moving the still to awaken the ghosts of our past. If you are in the paranormal community often, you have heard of this name. From a ghostly viewpoint, ruffling the ground, a home, or a city could cause a rift in a haunting.

It is why most ghost sightings in homes don’t really happen until someone moves in or renovates the place. War is no different in the concept. A ruffle, a missile, an en masse of troops walking over foreign soil. The aftereffect is that there will be ghosts that wake up and cause chaos.

The mythical from old stories

You’ve read what Homer and the rumored Sin-Leqi-Unninni have to say on war through ancient stories of war. Monsters were a basis of war and there are plenty of them. From the Hydra to Medusa, from the Kraken to dragons in general, paranormal monsters have devoured friend and foe in war. It isn’t uncommon for them to pop up in times of ancient war, but nowadays, it has become more modern.

The Spartans had their own paranormal friends and foes.
The Spartans had their own paranormal friends and foes.

We have no stories of valiant creatures fighting for either side for recent wars.  There are some bizarre sightings, but this is normal when you are in a war zone with barely any sleep and more adrenaline than a puppy surrounded geese. I know this because I have been to Afghanistan.

Other than the mountains having their own eerie beauty, there wasn’t much paranormal there, but there can be horror and paranormal anywhere. Of course, we may still have some stories to tell with the paranormal eventually. Older wars of the 20th century do have their paranormal creatures. In WWI, there is talk of the hound of Mons, a creature stalking Canadian soldiers. The creature ended up being a science experiment and not a real paranormal creature, but it is still quite terrifying.

Divination and war

If you think I’m going to overlook omens and prophecies, you’re wrong. I love divination and the ability to attempt to see the future. It does not change with war. Nostradamus himself predicted not only revolutions and natural disasters, but also war. Well, war in general.

If you think that is false, let me enlighten you. Express from the UK did not one, but two articles from 2020 and 2021, respectively, on war in the East, one to happen this year. Now, that is very on the nose, but hey, I’ll still take it.

Divination is definite in the paranormal of war.
Divination is definite in the paranormal of war.

This has happened before with others in Africa, predicting future battles through ornithomancy, or divination of bird actions, like with flying or movements in general. They did the same for farming as well. These diviners weren’t too far off either, from what we can tell.

Additionally, if you look at any divination type in Greece or Rome, you’ll see that it was used in almost every aspect of daily life. Oracles were used to predict the future, with ruler changes, war, and harvest. Krzysztof Ulanowski’s Neo-Assyrian and Greek Divination in War investigates this more, stating that Greece used the Gods and divination to ensure they succeed in their tasks. This very much includes war.

The lesser-known versions of paranormal in war

There are so many ways that paranormal are in war. Other than reliving the past, omens, monsters, and oracles, you can expect that there is more. Of course, these lesser-known ideas aren’t used all that often and may be culturally specific.

  • The Kudan in Japanese mythology that can be a prediction of war. It is a paranormal creature with the head of a human and the body of a bovine. It is a signifier of war to come or war to end in some instances.
  • The U.S. government has information on the paranormal and we know this. They don’t really keep it a secret. What is fascinating, though, is that they have conducted tests and experiments for the paranormal and psychic to be inducted into war.
  • A secondary to Nostradamus, there are those who have psychic abilities out there. Baba Yanga, a Bulgarian woman who was born blind, is one of them. She stated, according to History of Yesterday, that she gets her predictions from unseen creatures. She predicted many staples of war, crisis, and disasters.
  • Creatures of death are seen in older stories, but never in a war. This includes the banshee, who is in Irish mythological battles, but is nonexistent when she would be needed.

The paranormal in war is always going to exist

As much as we would like to think that the paranormal will one day rear its head and go home, it won’t happen. Others might say that the paranormal will soon because real and touchable, making it not so paranormal anymore. From this, it will always be there in times of war as humanity will always want to explain the unexplained, predict the unpredictable.

The stories of old could begin again in our time now.
The stories of old could begin again in our time now.

Furthermore, the stories of the paranormal in war is a staple to our ability to look at war in a way that isn’t complete gloom. Many wars did not need to happen, but their stories will truly live on past our knowledge of the war itself. Even those important enough to remember in the wars have their own paranormal twists.

You may not know what or when the Battle of Plataea or Thermopylae occurred, but you sure know of Xerxes, Leonidas, and the 300 Spartans. You know of Vlad the Impaler and his, well, methods in war, but he was also considered a vampire. This is obviously just a rumor, but it has made its way to present time from the 1400’s.

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