5 Insane Haunts that are Unbelievably Bogus

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You can’t account for every major building being as haunted as folks talk about. Old houses creek, physics has great timing, and any bit of equipment can pick up waves. I’ve been looking at haunted places for about a month. I have seen many that have very little or limited information on their haunting. They are bogus. So, let’s get started on some haunts.

Moscow Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

You may think a 900-year-old building has some hauntings, but from the research that I have done, it doesn’t have enough counts to really count as haunted. As you’ll see in a future vlog, this building full of buildings was built in the 12th century. It housed Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and the infamous Stalin. It is gorgeous building, but the most recent accounts have been found to be short lived. Ivan the Terrible has been seen in the bell tower by Nichloas II, but not since 1894. His son, False Dmitry, not since 1991.

Moscow Kremlin from Viator, bogus haunted
Moscow Kremlin from Viator

Even though something is old, doesn’t mean it is haunted, which is a shame since it has had some very fascinating history.

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

While cemeteries are full of dead people, they aren’t always hauntings within them. While incredibly creepy, the La Recoleta Cemetery has very little accounts of haunting that the patrons don’t put on themselves. Remember, if a dark hallway seems creepy, it may be because you have a known of the unknown. The cemetery is part of a disbanded monastery, but even then, there are no major records of specific hauntings.

Within the cemetery, there are some tragic stories. A woman by the name of Rufina Cambaceres who was accidentally buried alive, only being found out when her casket lid was moved. Cambaceres had ended up having a possible heart attack in her tomb, so when she was discovered, she was really dead. This is a sad story, but it has no accounts of Cambaceres coming back to haunt the area.

La Recoleta Cemetery from HuffPost, bogus haunt
La Recoleta Cemetery from HuffPost

In fact, there are no other instances that really show that the cemetery has ghosts lurking about, at least not about without provoking. The cemetery is in the town of Buenos Aires, which holds many festivals for ghost holidays like Día de Muertos. This may cause the dead to hang out for a bit, but the cemetery is just a cemetery with an interesting past.

Hoia Baciu Forest, Transylvania, Romania

 Ah, the Hoia Baciu, a place where even Vlad the Impaler wouldn’t want to stay. It is called the creepiest forest in the world, and honestly, that is all it is. Now, as a bit of a disclosure, I do not equate UFO sightings to haunts. They are very separate things.

This forest has a circle where nothing grows. You can see the same thing in Bear Creek, North Carolina, called the Devils Tramping Ground. It is not the haunts that would cause this, but a mystery in science we have not quite figured out. Trees in the forest are bent and swooped, a fascinating phenomenon, but not spooky.

Hoia Baciu Forest from Hoiaaciunight.run, bogus haunt
Hoia Baciu Forest from Hoiaaciunight.run

In the forest, there have been tales of those who never come out, of feeling unease, and light orbs. While this is worrisome, it doesn’t mean haunted, just means that the forest is doing its thing: being a forest. If you walk into a dark field expecting the worst, you will feel the effects of haunts. Your brain will make it seem like the more terrifying thing to ever happen to it. It is the same feeling you get when you are walking up the dark basement steps.

The light orbs are questionable but can be explained in a forest that is so travelled as people leave things behind all the time and not all light reflects heat. It would need further investigation.

St. Roch Chapel, Louisiana, United States

Louisiana is probably the one place that I didn’t expect a place to not be haunted. I mean, the whole state is just ghost story after ghost story. So, St. Roch was built for, well, Saint Roch, a patron saint of good health. In 1867, Reverend Peter Thevis tried to save folks during the times of the yellow fever outbreak. So, in thanks to Saint Roch, a shrine was built, and offerings were given, that of prosthetic parts, to offer thanks.

It is stated that there is a ghost dog in the cemetery, but a stray strolling in the cemetery could be more likely. It is also stated that there are people who walk through walls, but once again, this could be because we expect shadows to. Since this is in a cemetery, possibly haunts could be from the actual cemetery, not the chapel. A hooded figure is also seen with the same characteristics, walking around and through things. This, though, could either be a trick of the mind, or just someone into some very bizarre cosplay.

St. Roch from NOLA Weekend, bogus haunt
St. Roch from NOLA Weekend

There are even voices heard, maybe calling out to people, but this is one action notated by the dead I can’t really get behind without proof. You can hear random things at any time. People can experience hallucinations during massive anxiety spikes, so this one, not a haunted aspect, just a result of knowing fear.

Overall, it is a place with a tragic history connected to a cemetery in Louisiana, so I expect it to be creepy, but with haunts, not so much.

Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge, England

Now, yes, this one is questionable as there is video of some strange things happening at this place, but like the Moscow Kremlin, it is super old and just seems to want to be haunted. Also built in the 12th century, the Ancient Ram Inn was built on a possible Pagan burial ground. It had a possible witch killed in one of the rooms and is home to possible rituals done by possible demon worshippers.

Ancient Ram Inn from Travel Awaits, bogus haunt
Ancient Ram Inn from Travel Awaits


Now, we are going to get this part out of way real quick, because I know what people are going to say.

Paganism is an umbrella of religions who have multiple gods, and other things which is a whole post on its own. There are hundreds of religions under Paganism. Very few groups believe in demons and even less believe in the Devil as a sworn bad guy, so all the instances above are separate.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled bogus haunts.

This place apparently lays above 2 ley lines and apparently has some church water flowing under it. This does not guarantee hauntings and thinking that it does will just allow your brain to makeshift ghosts. Some shows have investigated this home, one being Ghost Adventures.

I did watch that episode, but the religious references intersecting one another leads me to believe that some of the hauntings aren’t real. The interchanging of pagan rituals and Devil worship just makes you think that the house was improperly investigated, both physically and historically.

It may be haunted, or was at some point, but I doubt there is anything concrete that couldn’t be explained by just say it’s an old home. By understanding the history, I just think much of what comes out of the house is exaggerated. It is a part of the Kremlin effect, as I am calling it. Old does not mean haunted.

So that is the list. If you have any others and want to tell me about them, go for it. If you want to contest this list, come with proof on the contact page.  

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