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So, for the last bit of time, I’ve been feeling out my dreams more often. You may be asking why I discuss dreams on a paranormal history site. To that, I say dreams can be otherworldly. We still cannot explain them, and they provide interesting insight. Living in dreams is something that I’ve experienced, and you might be interested in what I mean by that.

There is just no explanation for why we dream what we dream. I discuss this in many other posts, so go there if you want more explanations. I mean, if demons are paranormal, why aren’t dreams? Anyways, that is not why we are here today. Today exists to discuss living in our dreams.

Living in dreams is nothing like real life, or is it?

From this, I mean having a day-to-day experience in your dreams. You wake up, you do things, you might sleep, eat, etc. Sometimes they continue for multiple real days or return a year later. Furthermore, these dreams can be the only ones you dream at a time.

You would call these reoccurring dreams. I personally have them quite a bit and it feels like I am watching a series with Netflix-like season hiatuses.

Dream illustration by Cdd20 for living in dreams
Dream illustration by Cdd20

The Sleep Foundation defines reoccurring dreams as something we just experience over and over. It happens more often in women, because why not, and a whopping 77% of them are negative. So, thank your brain for your nighttime anxiety.

They give a list of what happens during a reoccurring dream and it is pretty on the nose for most common dream types. My personal ones are fairly similar. They involve a school of some sort or a hunt. They are nothing wild and extravagant, but I always end up remembering where I am.

The best dream I have lived

This one is a fun one to me because it was a weekly dream, sometimes daily, that I had for months on end. Sometimes, I would be in another place where I was walking with a friend in the desert surrounded by Conex boxes. Other times, I would just dream that I fell over. But this dream, it was one that I can’t forget.

So, I am at a school. A tan, brick and mortar hunk of architecture that shows nothing to my usual life. I have never been to this particular school in real life. Sometimes I live there, sometimes I don’t. It is an unusual place as everyone is there. It is almost like a community college with a hint of European background.

At some point in this dream, I meet friends. They are never the same, but they are typically close to what you would see in an action film. Most of the time I can point out skin color and hair color and nothing else. They are stand-ins for my dream. It is just a few people every time. You might wonder if I ever saw a face, well, I did, but not in the way that you would think.

Every time this dream would take place, there is a crazy man. He is either a friend who betrays us, a teacher, or the head of the school. Every time. He wants to control something with the world and, with a twist, has turned everyone but a few at the school into robots. Think of Barry from Archer, essentially, but it’s real and they are much more terrifying.

At the end of the dream, we try to battle them or just run away. It all ends the same. These robotic monsters chase us down hallways, or I watch my imaginary friends get murdered. At the end of the dream, I always die and that is how I typically wake up from that night’s sleep. It is a dream that makes no sense to me.

So, let’s talk about living in dreams

Of course, living in your dreams makes no sense with the world around us being so nice and having an accordance with physics. You can’t do crazy things in real life, so your dreams take over and make you fly, fall, or die from a robot invasion. What about living an actual life in your dreams?

Swimming in the road by Comfreak

You can very much experience it like others have. Full lives, nothing reoccurring. It is just a life that you’ll never see again. Much like my sandy walk that one time, it is a life that doesn’t truly exist. And when you wake up, it is gone, only to live in your memories. I cannot recall having a birth to death dreams, but others have.

There is no explanation for it, much like most other things in relation to dreams. Speaking Tree has thoughtfully put together some ideas for this. Some state that dreams could be from a parallel universe or it is our ancestors trying to talk to us. It could also be a message for us in the real life, like a type of déjà vu.

But the latter will be something I’ll discuss later.

Living in your dreams is nothing without its meanings

I’ll always add in the controversial idea that dreams have a meaning. You know it well if you’ve been reading on my dream series that I love to see what dreams could mean. It is something that we just don’t understand, and humanity is all about trying to understand in any way possible. So, is there even a message that can be seen in dreams like this?

The answer is definitely yes.

They aren’t all happy and joyful, though. A dream of another life could be about completing goals and being just complete. It could also mean that you aren’t fulfilling your real life like you should. If that is the case, dreams like this are probably very common.

Your mind might be having issues with how you are living and is giving you a look into a ‘what if’ scenario. No one really knows, but this one is really just about doing something.

Hopefully, that meaning isn’t one that I need to follow. I don’t feel the need to create a robot army or defeat one.

Believe it or not, the same website, Dreamopedia, has a meaning for robot apocalypse. It is about self-renewal and wanting more. Honestly, I never really want more out of anything, but at the time, I was working a very demanding job. I may have wanted more time for myself.

Dream meanings can sometimes be spot on, but they also can just be so vague, it works for any situation. Certain means of divination are like this. Looking at you, tarot.

Is there any other meaning to living in dreams?

There really isn’t at this time. As much as I would like to say there is a definitive answer to these questions we ask about dreams, there really isn’t. The Activation-Synthesis Hypothesis states that our dreams mean nothing, and it is just our brains doing its brain thing. This would mean that our dreams are essentially random. Our best friend of the bizarre, Sigmund Freud, thinks we are so repressed that we must dream of what we want.

Well, bud, I don’t wish the robot apocalypse on anyone. Or walking in the desert. Why do I never dream of just walking on the beach? I mean, I live right by the beach and never go to it. Isn’t that a good idea for my brain to add in?

Anyways, you can think of your dreams as anything, but I like to think of mine as a parallel universe as it just seems cooler. I know it is probably not the answer, but you never know what our brains can do. It is the mystery that will plague me until someone smarter figures it out. Until then, I’m going to keep living in dreams until I dream no more.

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