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In my time looking into my dreams over the past couple of years, I’ve understood very little about them until my diving into oneiromancy. On an on-and-off compilation of dreams, I recorded 124 dreams on one dream app. I am not affiliated with them, but the app is called Dream Catcher if you want to try it out. For some of these, I have dreams about leaving.

I have other dreams recorded elsewhere, but there are so many that adding them in would take a while. So, with the app, I’ve been able to look at how my dreams are influenced by the day, or entry. Lately, though, I’ve been having the dreams about leaving a place. Granted, some are more about leaving from an enemy, but the same concept is there.

Dreams about leaving a place familiar

In a few dreams I’ve had, the environment is typically a school or in the military. I was in the military as well as spent many years getting two bachelors. These two areas are probably more prevalent in my dreams because I don’t know much else in terms of environment.

Additionally, these areas are an amalgamation of where I have been. Different places merged to form something anew or oddly familiar but cannot place it fully. In these dreams, there is the idea of memory dumping, allowing the brain to fully process memory to be stored from short term to long term. I’ve spoken about this before.

dreams about leaving
It is all familiar.

For your dreams to have meaning in your real life, the brain does interact with you feelings to interpret them in the best way possible. This is stored for the long-term memory. In a short way, the brain filters out what it can to make sense. This is a theory of dreams. If you want to go down the rabbit hole of dream theory, the Sleep Foundation is a good start.

Dreams about leaving in fear

You have a dream from time to time about an invasion. It could be robots, hybrid human-cats, or just bombings. Either way, you are trying to find a way to safety. I have these dreams every now and then. Their meaning is one that is pretty simple.

Running away is an option, something the only one.
Running away is an option, something the only one.

It is about getting away from something that you have either already experienced or experiencing now. You could head it face on, but if you aren’t lucid dreaming or having control in the dream, you may just run from it. This could also already be your method in the situation. If you don’t want to confront something, your ‘flight’ reaction is the next best thing.

Either you fight back or keep running. That is up to you.

Dreams about leaving when you’ve already left

It is common to dream that you are taking a test and not know the information. Then you wake up wondering what test you missed only to realize that you aren’t in school anymore. This also happens with my dreams with the military. I’ve been out for 3 years now and still have dreams about going to war.

Of course, this dream isn’t about trying to leave a situation that you don’t need to be in, but one of wanting to be somewhere else. While the former example is more on anxiety, the latter shows a feeling of not being where you want to be. Furthermore, it could be a situation where you are just trying to get home. This may mean that you are trying to return to a normal that you understand and feel comfortable in.

Dreams about leaving with someone

This one I pondered about adding because I didn’t think it made sense to. Alas, there is a meaning with this one. Now, for some backstory, I do not have a significant other, nor have I recently been in a relationship. Shocker, I know.

Where are we going? Suitcase.
Where are we going?

So, with these dreams where I leave with someone, and it is often, I’ve wondered if that has a meaning. In many of my dreams, I am trying to save someone to come with me or allowing someone to travel with me. In other cases, that someone is helping me leave. Most results searching this is of a significant other and it confused me how people don’t dream this more often.

The person could be of a friend that you trust, a responsibility or trait you have personified, or even just a guide. It does not have to be your partner or ex-partner. I’ve dreamed about a plethora of others being the ones who leave with me, from television show characters or gnomes to friends to SCP-lookalikes.

Dreams about running away

Leaving and running away are two different things. Moreover, you can have dreams where one turns into the other. Running away can be because you are trying to avoid something, in our ‘flight’ pattern, or it could be a testament to a mental disorder. Either way, running away has a more serious connotation connected to it.

For these dreams, when you see them written down or in an app, you should really look into what those days involve. There could be a possible trigger that you might not have seen before. In going with the theory that you dreams are moving short-term to long-term memory; your mind might be going in this direction for that specific memory.

Merging it all together

In dreams, especially long ones, there is quite a bit to unravel. This goes double for reoccurring dreams and nightmares. There is something to be said about dream meanings in that you brain is trying to tell you something. It may be as simple as your anxieties or something much deeper. It all depends on the theory of dreaming that you most believe.

Considering all of this, knowing more is better. If you can understand how your day impacts your memories, you could better understand how you can better yourself. This is a great idea, especially for those who don’t fully understand themselves or want to.

I implore you to find how your dreams are impacted through how you live. Remembering your dreams may not always be easy, but with practice, it is doable. You just need a clear mind, the right ideas, and time to practice. Since we spend about a 1/3 of our lives sleeping, that may be the easiest step.

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