About the Website

In August of 2021, It’s Not Rabbit was born to give information on animal issues and history. The first few blogs written before the publication of the site were animal related. Then, while writing the post on elephant history, there was a spark of how much information can be gathered about the afterlife. It was the perfect niche to obtain and talk about. From there, the website changed before it was even on the internet.

Original logo of what itsnotrabbit and paranormal duck are about
The original logo.

A website fully committed to paranormal history. The website itself has been through a few web hosts, a few remodels, and has even been rebuilt a few more times than I would like to admit. The website changed to Paranormal Duck in November of 2021 to satisfy content branding. It is now stationary with a new look, a new layout, but, of course, with the same content you love to read. The livelihood of paranormal history will always be here to stay, no matter how long it takes to recuperate at times.

I chose aspect perception as the base of how paranormal history is conveyed because it is the embodied explanation of what you see something is, and what it truly is. That is a portion of the debunking ideals that I chose to create a base for why I talk about some topics.

About the Owner

My name is Allyson and I own both domains of It’s Not Rabbit and Paranormal Duck (.com). I got into paranormal history during a stint of unemployment where I could not fill my days will just looking for work. Spoiler: I found a job in the end. When I started this website, I was thinking of only adding in animal and pet content, making the history of these two topics come to life.

Until, as stated before, I completed a post on elephant death. I wondered how they were doing in the afterlife and how that would be a more fun way to spend my time. So, I started writing about paranormal history, then creating a YouTube channel for those posts. It was becoming clear very quickly what I wanted to write about, more than what I thought would get clicks.

The original duck crew that inspired the logo and art of the website of what the website is about
The original duck crew that inspired the logo and art of the website.

Because let’s face it, paranormal history just doesn’t hit as much in March as it does in October. Either way, it is what, in my mind, I wanted to discuss and give more focus.

Why paranormal history?

I mean, why not something like ghost hunting or interviewing those in a paranormal field? Why not find a specific, like haunted houses or debunking myths? Well, I decided to do all of that. The paranormal is everywhere. What is defined as paranormal is even greater. It changes constantly and news talking about the paranormal happens at least globally once a month. It is a massive field.

What the majority of the posts contain is about the paranormal and their explanation. We do not know if vampires have ever existed, but there is always more to them. When exactly did they start? How are vampires seen in other cultures in the world? If your curiosity only stems to what a vampire is, go no further. If you want to know how they started, how people handled them, and what they have become, then this is the website for you.

Well, that was all in a YouTube video, but it is all the same. The real history of the paranormal coupled with some day-to-day experiences. As I know that the term paranormal means just otherworldly, I explore otherworldly things. This includes dreams, experiences, divination, and many others.

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