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Welcome one and all, to the sort of best paranormal history site you’ll go to within the next hour. Paranormal Duck likes to evolve, but it always contains the best posts, videos, and sources of haunted history and paranormal phenomenon. Of course, some blog posts may be more on the mystical side, they always have a place to call home. From Bigfoot to nightmarestarot to ghost hunting, there is always something to read about.

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For those wanting a good series to binge through, there are many here to choose from. You can look at divination, paranormal creatures, news, and ghost hunting.

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For those wanting to watch, there are many videos to choose from. If you have an interest in paranormal creature history or ghosts in different countries, you’ll find the YouTube channel interesting.

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Additionally, there are plenty of places to visit within Paranormal Duck. Firstly, there is the blog page of all written content. Secondly, there is a series page for those who have specific interests. Thirdly, there is a YouTube channel to binge on paranormal creatures of all kinds.

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